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But as we continue looking at the medical response to everything involving corona Dr Marc Siegel and Betsy McCoy with us we left off with you Dr Segal's anything else you see that the president can do and and how do you see this now playing out we see the incidences now greatly reduced you know down to less than forty a day according to reports in China we see now obviously things have gotten out of control in Europe of measures are finally being put in place this president acted faster than anybody I would argue the best movie made throughout all of this we can't stop pandemics from happening but we can manage them better and I don't think we could manage this any better your thoughts first of all I I don't know why I think this but I was deeply impressed by this president speechless by probably because I was about to go on your show after which I was watching intently but he not only did this bold move with Europe but he showed a great humanity and how we described the people who are in trouble in quarantine or people that are sick and how he intends to make sure that they're still paid that they don't have to pay taxes that there's a continuity there that they're taken care of he showed a greater amount of heart with that and and the second point I want to make is to echo something that Betty has said quite eloquently you know we what we are so dependent on China and the president since he was came into office has been making a point of that so we're so we're not we don't have the energy independence that we don't have before so we're not waiting on lines at the gas stations this week you know we we also are looking very hard at this issue of our supply lines and how ninety percent of our prescription drugs have ingredients from China antibiotics between debt we desperately need ninety percent come from China so this is a wake up call for all of that all of those problems worsened under the Obama administration and finally showing the point about the emergency rooms is so true we don't have the surge capacity we need our our hospitals are overwhelmed I'm hoping they don't get flooded with people that are afraid because we need them for people who are really sick and and I think hello that took to finally end on what your point is we're already dealing with three hundred fifty to five hundred thousand hospitalizations a year from flu that's a disease we can't overlook and we can't assume this is going to be anything of that magnitude final word that's a good question I do believe that the president's next step will be to address that very issue he has the capacity through his public service service commission to dispatch emergency medical course doctors and nurses to assist hospitals some hospitals could become overwhelmed as mark pointed out with the number of flu cases plus the new coronavirus cases and he has the capacity to provide the extra medical care needed in those places so that when people going to the hospital to get the care they need all right thank you both for being with us when we come back our friend Jeff lord he was self quarantine after apparently but he might have met this person that they had cordoned contracted the corona virus at C. pack that's next eight hundred nine four one Sean is our number if you want to be a part of the program and later we'll check in with the deep state update they knew all along steel was lying and they still won four straight ahead news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. I'd send in Tokyo and the high hard radio station it is three thirty AM Kerry Logi and here are some of the stories we're following New York City mayor bill de Blasio's declaring a state of emergency due to the corona virus this comes after governor Andrew Cuomo ordered a ban on all gatherings of five hundred or more people in the state and effort to slow down the spread of the virus the ban goes into effect at five o'clock tomorrow night Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's canceling next week's scheduled recess to continue work on the corona virus crisis Republicans are working with the White House of crafting an economic relief package it is different from a bill in the house that speaker Nancy Pelosi says is aimed at putting families first sports not going to offer people an escape from corona virus news Major League Baseball in the NHL are joining the NBA and suspending games Major League Soccer will go into hiatus during the outbreak in the NC double a just announced it's cancelling its basketball tournaments because the pandemic meaning there will be no March madness other coronaviruses doing a number on stock portfolios the major stock indexes are down more than nine percent let's get the latest from the Bloomberg news desk brought to you by first mark credit union things haven't been listed on Wall Street since nineteen eighty seven stocks sold off with the S. and P. five hundred plunging nine.

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