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I mean, it's a month I get why she's unhappy. I get why she's upset, but at the same time I mean, at some point in time, don't we need to stand up and say there is this thing in this country called due process and you don't you don't hang somebody out to dry and say, Oh, my gosh. She should be fired. He should be prosecuted. If the facts don't bear that up, and I guess it is disappointing to me that you have people in Wauwatosa. He's already been suspended. You've got members of the common Council, including some people who are just flat out kooks who were demanding that we don't care with the investigation says We've got to get rid of this. This guy. Well, if if all he did was returned Fire with a 17 year old who was shooting at him and others. How in the world are you justified? In trying to fire him our number 85561616 20 The That's the AC unit mortgage talking text line. Look, I don't know if Officer MENSA is a good cop or bad cop. I don't know whether the shooting is going to determine to be justified or not, but I do know that in situations like this, where At least at first blush. It appears that that everything was done. Everything was done. Okay, how you can just give into the demands of a mob to fire somebody and charge him And I mean here is part of the problem. It's out there. My guess is the district attorney is going to. It's some point in time and hopefully the near future going to come out with a position paper that says we don't think that there's any basis for issuing charges. That's my guests don't know it for sure. And all that's going to do is further inflame the mob. That is out there. So I mean, I hope authorities in Wauwatosa are ready to deal with this, but I guess my question is, Is it fair is what is happening to Officer MENSA now fair and I don't know him. I've never talked to him. I'm just thinking that you have an officer if the facts are correct, who get shot at by 17 year old with a stolen gun and returns fire? And now he's going to be the bad guy in this If that's true, if it's not true, and you know, sure if this turns out to be a bad shooting, yes. Firing? Yes, prosecuted, but until you know that, how can you take this position? 85561616 20. We discuss in a moment. Don't go.

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