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I love it when bob Jeff talks about John McLeod in the 76 Phoenix Suns, which we all know had a tremendous series against the Celtics. Alvin Adams in westfall and Ben R Dale and that whole crew right there. But what I love is the fact is bob Ryan covering the sun's state of Paul westfall's house. Now, can you imagine today today? A member of the media staying at somebody's house who they were covering it. I mean, it's a lightbulb. Yeah, did you did you wrestle with yourself and whether it was the right thing to do as a member of the media? Now, it's 1976. It was such a different point every way. No, I was having I was feuding with Tommy heights. He was feuding with me. Whatever way you want to look at it. We weren't talking. westphal and I were personal friends. You know, and I'm not apologizing. I never made an apology for that or any other friendship I made in basketball and sports. And that's but that's probably the best personal friend of ever made of an athlete. And when he was traded just so happened, my wife and I and Mike lublin is then date had been a dinner in westfall's house in Needham about two nights or the night before he found out he was traded. Damage is coincidental. We had no idea. He didn't have any idea. Nobody had anyway. Yes, I did. I stayed at westfall's house at 5 52 west berridge lane, Phoenix, Arizona. With the swimming pool. And here's my favorite store anecdote about that. So with the time zone difference in an off day, I would be writing and by be done by like three time, you know? And so you head to the pool at westville. Alvin Adams was a neighbor, and he would be over there and maybe somebody else. And then there was this other guy that was the 12th, the 13th man on the 12 main roster. The guy left off the active roster. And he was looking and he was happy to have somewhere to go hang out, you know, his name was Pat Riley. And so we were sitting around a pool day after that. Yeah, no, I stayed at westfall's house and the cookie breakfast did a cookie breakfast. Why don't we remember what the Cindy? I'm sure, you know, we had breakfast. I don't know. No, Paul didn't cook, I'm sure. I'm not that I'm not, but Bobby Cindy did. But yeah, we stayed..

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