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Dow plunged six hundred and fifty three points in a short trading day with investors. Shaken in part by President Trump's increasingly sharp criticism of the Federal Reserve CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger says. There's a lot to worry about we haven't unresolved U S China trade war, we have ongoing drama around the Great Britain's exit from the European Union. We've got risks in the corporate debt markets and last week. The Federal Reserve added to the agenda that investors are feeling because they said, yes, we expected this quarter point hike, but we didn't expect that the fed said it would sort of be on pace to raise two more times in two thousand eighteen nineteen. Traders are also concerned about Treasury Secretary. Steven Mnuchin comments that he's been talking to some major banks about how much money they have which hasn't even been considered a problem. What has ficials worn the partial shutdown could stretch into the new year? President Trump President Trump is still blaming Democrats. Even though he said he'd own a shutdown eight tweets. Virtually every democrat. We are dealing with today strongly support a border wall or fence he was only when I made it an important part of my campaign because people and drugs are pouring into our country unchecked that they turned against it. US arrests on the Mexican border jumped seventy eight percent in November from a year earlier searches in Indonesia is still looking for anyone who's trapped in the debris from a NAMI that killed hundreds CBS news correspondent, Barry Petersen. People can be trapped, but protected sometimes by the debris, if it rains, they get water that can sustain them. So it's not without reason for some people to keep hoping that their loved ones are alive, even though as each hour passes that hope has to fade a little bit more more than fourteen hundred people were injured at least one hundred twenty eight or missing in Rome..

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