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Friday night near Dillingham airfield on Awad who's north shore. There's no details yet on who was involved or why that plane went down. Officials did confirm that the plane was used in skydive operations Howard to chef ski with FOX affiliate. K H O N had details. They know exactly who is on that aircraft. They have a manifest. The question is where were these tourists folks, that were visiting the island or these, perhaps local people who are regular skydivers who come out here all the time. Time again, they're trying to figure out what may have caused that plane to go up in flames. The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to be on the scene, and investigate one of the biggest events so far for democratic candidates kicked off Friday night, and Columbia. Congressman Jim Clyburn, world-famous, a fish fry at the adventure children's museum brought in twenty two presidential contenders to South Carolina. The candidates spit the night, mingling with everyone at the event that fish fry comes just one week before the first big showdown among the large amount of candidates for the first primary debate of the twenty twenty presidential a presidential race, which happens AFL in Florida next week, something new on the Panthers practice feel, here's Joe Gillespie with more workers have inflated the new practice bubble the bubble over the turf field. Owner, David temper had promised some time ago that an indoor practice facility was a priority. Now, the Panthers have won, albeit temporary or permanent facility. Sure to be part of the new Panthers. Practice facilities when they're built in South Carolina job. Espy WBZ, news, WBZ, sports over the NBA draft happened. But on Friday afternoon, the tar heel basketball Twitter account announced that Luke maye signed a deal as an undirected free agent to join the Milwaukee Bucks. Maybe we'll have his chance to land a spot on the roster or even Milwaukee G league team by participating in the summer league right now. We have sixty nine degrees, under some sunshine in uptown Charlotte at WBZ we lead local. I'm Deborah.

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