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Dr Joe, FLU, Flu Vaccine discussed on Von Haessler Doctrine


With this. It's time for. Starring with Verdel. Dr Joe we talk health and lifestyle. Do one of those things where you call in and say, oh, my foot hurts. The stories in the news and captures by I think I want to ask Dr Joe what he thinks about this. I don't know why I'll tell you one thing before we get to the actual stories. Yes. You were here. And I believe it was it right after Christmas was New Year's when did you? It was around Christmas that you passed out your own spaghetti sauce. Marinara? Era sauce, and they were all bottled. And you've done 'em jarred up Davis. Every in Jared. We're still we had we have had at least three times. So here's so a couple of days ago. My wife, I just brought it home and sit on the counter. My wife says I want some spaghetti. I said yes while I'll use that Dr Joseph. Well. Well. No, it's not that. That's going to be full of all things that are good for you. And I'm not necessarily she said, well, I'll sell some meat Alto some ham poison it up. But I think I'd forgotten that I left it in my car for a few days, though. Because after we agreed that okay, we'll use Dr Joe's marinara sauce. If you throw some hamburger in there. She came back down and said when she opened it up, it just sort of exploded. So I think maybe I left it in the car, maybe the sun hitting back window or something like that. So I still haven't I haven't tried. Dr Joe's prison wine. You what used preservative? That's what happens. Yeah. Things actually do go bad. So. Okay. Well, I mean, that's so I tried. I think I was going to add some hamburger one more yard home. A you may get that. Right. Okay. I'll get the jarred could be full of like, vegetables and stuff. Yeah. Dancing. I mean when you want to eat. The meal. Right. Then you wanted to taste taste good. No. They went over quite well with the crowd. Yes. Very narrow palate. That's simple simple. Kind of man, man. I really am. I I like, you know, I like cheeseburgers tacos. Sauce on a cheeseburger there. So that's what I'll do. I'll see how that goes. All right. Here's this bizarre. Story. And I don't even know if it's real I saw it on TV this morning, and they said, oh, but if you want some you can't get them now because they're all sold out. So as a company called, I don't know how you say this name, it's the we'll say Vive. Okay. And they're selling pre used tissues for eighty dollars. And you get them in a box boxer. Those are sold out. The idea is they say that it's got a human sneeze already in it. And it's better than a vaccination people are spending eighty dollars to get this. And then when it's time to blow your nose, you use a tissue that's been used by someone else, they say a human sneezes in their sneeze. Then you now I understand the concept of enough to know to think. Okay. I understand where they're going with this. But do they have to keep it moist the whole time, otherwise it would, you know? That's the first thing whether or not it works, right? Whether or not it actually transfers to you. They must have to keep it damp until you use it in which case who wants a damp tissue when you want to use a tissue on your face doesn't. If it's human sneeze. Did it have a flu virus in it? And it doesn't have the same flu virus that you're going to. What are the odds of matching up vaccine? I think they decided it would be people would flu because they're they're touting it as a way to get it back. It's better than needles. Some people are still afraid of needles, but don't they have flu vaccines now that are not the patch up your nose? Thank you. Almost. That's how old so would it work. If. I think it's kind of a novelty the chance of that happening. It's right flu vaccine various alive, even if it's does get into your body because you're not inhaling you're blowing into it. Does it get through the mucous membrane? Does he get into the immune system? Some reactors. I sometimes feel like with these companies. They just sit around and go, let's create something and see if people will do news stories about you. And it worked and it worked at the end the news story, if you want them, they're all sold out. Yeah. Worry about it. There's another one out there. That was really really good. This is anti Dr John is called deep deep e. And what you do is they'll to your house. Diaper. So you won't get e-coli. You just open it up and put it on your copy. A box of arm and hammer the corner of the fridge..

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Dr Joe, FLU, Flu Vaccine discussed on Von Haessler Doctrine

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