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And he is where he says yeah and you've got captured i remember that yeah he's horrible josh i wanted to know do you think that this scene was impactful on jamie lancaster where we see him going off at the end of season seven to destination unknown in the north and do you think that this is weighing on jamie lancaster in terms of what will be written about him in maybe not the specific book but sort of like what will his legacy yeah i think that legacy is huge with jamie and for the vast majority of the time we have known him and certainly the way he arrives in game of thrones he is super sarcastic and it's like a shield that he is wielding in order to keep people away from realizing that he's very bummed out that his reputation is that of the king slayer when he feels like he's saved everybody in king's landing and instead people just remember the guy who stabbed the king in the back and so i wonder if it's if it's more about like he wants to be does he want to be remembered differently is that why he is charging off into battle against the white walkers or see now at a point where that stuff doesn't matter as much as doing the right thing is what matters but i think that legacy has been a very big part of the jamie lancaster character certainly seen with the book helps to stress that but i don't know how much he cares about that by the time that we're seeing him charge off season seven i think it might just be like he has finally reached a point where he knows that just the right thing is the right thing and that's just what you have to do okay so we're going to check back gain with danny misunder and we see them heading towards marine and we have a little bit of a check in with new dario and danny just to make sure they have chemistry and they do and dario has flowers that's great moving on what what we want to talk about here wanted to spend ten minutes on the dusk rose heartbeat is gold the other shitty plants that we don't even get a name for moving on a blue bonnet that he has.

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