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I'm Jeremy foster in for Jim Sharpe. It's five o'clock. And we're following a number of stories for you at this hour. Find out why a Scottsdale veterinarian is so anxious for President Trump to sign the massive farm Bill, but first outgoing Senator John Kyle was talking about his short return stint. And the Senate one reason I accepted the governor's appointment was new how to do the job hadn't forgotten after five years with the new congress starting in about two weeks. The clock is ticking for governor Ducey to make a big decision. It's our top story. And here's Jamie west who will replace John Kyle in the Senate. Let's go live to KTAR. Jim cross. Jamie was appointed by the governor to replace the late. John McCain in September. Kyle recently sat down with Arizona. Congressman Andy Biggs on his podcast was the big idea after returning to the Senate in the middle of the Brett cavenaugh supreme court nomination causes. It was like parachuting into a war zone. Saw the hearings themselves which were uncivil to put it charitably. Not the best. Foot forward for the United States government for the rest of the world to see. Now, the candidates being mentioned to replace columnists Senate going congresswoman, Martha mcsally also the governor's former chief of staff Kirk Adams and outgoing state treasurer Aileen Klein live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. What chances a federal judge will rule. Arizona's law for picking replacement US senators is unconstitutional. Governor Doug Ducey doesn't necessarily have to appoint John Kyle successor. We have the capabilities of setting up a special election within six months because in Arizona law. That's allowed in other places. KTAR legal analyst, Monica Lindstrom, tells MAC and Gaydos. The federal judge could prioritize a lawsuit from voters opposing Arizona's current law or not judge can't completely changed. The law though, is we the legislators that would need to rewrite that law or add provision to state law has the governor appointing Kyle's successor to serve until the next general election in twenty twenty. That person must come from Kyle Republican party. Peterson more KTAR news. At five. Oh, two right now, we've got traffic.

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