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Give voice to what's possible for our populations living with vision loss or physical disabilities our hash day we have several hashtags that we're going to be using for the campaign but one really stands out to me because it really encompasses what we're doing and it's hashtag see my ability and that's what this is all about two to recognize the ability in disability and to help celebrate that it to also share what is possible for people with disabilities if given the chance and that's very very good point you mentioned about giving chance i know that people will ask me when i bring up things like the unemployment rate they will ask me well why is it so high is it that people with disabilities are not looking for employment is that there is it that there is not the necessary tools and you know i tell them that a lot of it is because there is still um they have thought misconception that people with disability yeah i'm not capable mcelhinny you know yourself hear the chicago lighthouse um i believe i don't have the exact step but i think a third of our employees here um that were employing do have disabilities nets and that's that's bigan there's these amazing stories like you just said given the chance you know um earlier this year we did a lot of work with a lighthouse industries church has the factory um where people who are blind are making an assembling clocks and they're doing great work and in interviewing so many of the employees there with disabilities all they said was we just needed a chance and we were you know being turned down people didn't think we were capable of doing the job and and they said is not true you know if anything were more capable we work harder we know what it's you know the importance of that and especially to you know there is so much assistive technology is you know for people with disabilities to help them do their jobs and it's more readily available it's less expensive than it's been in the past and it and it's very important very much so may think that for me personally that's what allows me to come to work every day and do my job here actress radio and in our financial development yes i at that parliament and sandy i do have to you are.

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