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MLB All Star game now in the second inning in Colorado, the American League with a one nothing lead over the National League, and you can't blame Max Scherzer. For this one. He had a 123 1st inning in what was his fourth All Star starts. Shohei Otani also retired the first three batters he faced. But Corbyn Burns came on for the N L. In the Top of the second, he gave up a walk two hits that brought home Aaron Judge for the first score of this Midsummer Classic. Now All of this was, uh predicated by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, telling everyone that that seven inning double headers and a runner on second base to start extra innings that's all likely to go away after the season, thankfully, and also discussed the possibility of banning the shift in adding a designated hitter in the National League and Manfred Reference. This issue with the Oakland A's, they possibly could leave town. But he said the A's owner, John Fisher, has pledged millions of dollars to invest in a proposed waterfront ballpark in downtown Oakland. It's not about that. I mean, John Fisher has done everything I've asked him to do in terms of trying to keep the Asian Oakland and more That I asked him to do in terms of financial commitments. So we're gonna know one way or the other. What's going to happen with Oakland in, you know the next couple of months, and if things don't work out with Oakland, Manfred said, Don't rule out Las Vegas as a possible landing spots. Oakland could actually lose two teams to Vegas. Vegas needs to get used to football year stuff. Yeah, they still need some more time too much on the plate. Yeah, absolutely. Rob would fork w t O p sports all right, coming up after traffic and weather, Borat says it's not nice. He's been plastered on a billboard for a cannabis dispensary. It's 8 47 years, Josh Wilson, the senior vice president of service lines and technology at L'Ami on implications of AI and ML based modernization efforts sponsored by L. M. I. As I look to today, the real challenge we're faced as we need all our senior leaders mid and senior. Have a much higher digital I Q. To be able to ask smart questions to be able to drive resource priorities in a in an effective way. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search. LME. LME is dedicated to.

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