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Guys e e you know the the the range of whether it's from two hundred two 1500 john mcenroe's kinda right isn't any what are you know what i mean the hina right you know who these not right to people who don't know anything about tennis like me or i i see serena williams and i mean i see those guns i'm looking at a photo of her right now and and having met i think serena williams has also acknowledged with john mcenroe seven the passed by the way shakes it he says saying out of this time numbers yaser pasha had an indignant we have immediately said she says in the past that it's a different game yet i'm just saying she's like five nine hundred and seventy pounds of pure lashes amazed assault like caught up like she will punched a hole through your heart absolute i'm not lusting after her as i look at her now is just scared by she's year cycles specify actually nath like his remarkable and it is difficult to believe that she is not the single greatest human to ever play tennis ever because i don't know anything about tennis it is the same reason why i hate staff curry i hate is a strong word but perhaps not too strong and think lebron james should win every game because when i look at lebrun if i didn't know anything about baz was all he plays basketball he's like the greatest basketball players ever live because he's a fine physical specimen so i actually disagree with john mcenroe but i know that my opinion is based on nonsense and i don't think he should be put in woke prison to quote one on one hand there um for holding this perspective but the the condemnation the nearuniversal congress so much of the received as a consequence of holding an opinion that is almost identical to regular barbershop discourse who's better.

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