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They play Saturday night last time as well. There was a miss penalty kick in that game. It wasn't this bad. The first half was as bad as I see Mexico play. In recent memory, that hole right hand side and we'll get into individual performances for Mexico, abysmal. There were some performances today that if it was later on in the cycle, last cycle in that stretch, you would have never seen those players again. So it's a C minus. You got the win, two zero. You should win. But because he opened his mouth and he said, it matters how you play. That wasn't indicative of how Mexico should play. You could say whatever you want. If you take a cochlear, just don't say it matters how you play. What matters is how you win. Mao quick rebuttal. So I understand why the said what he said. I believe results number one number two. If anyone was expecting to see a good performance in terms of form, Matt, nuts, crazy. I mean, we were not going to see that with this team with so little time to train. So I think Eric is being really, really, really harsh, really, really hard. Because the opponent or because you don't expect in any dimension. I hate to agree with her here, but everything you could apply that you're saying about Mexico, they haven't been together. It applies to Suriname as well, now, right? Yeah, but we're not focusing on certain end right now. And it's not like Mexico play the war's Nick game. Again, perky. Herge is very disappointed because of what Diego coca said, and he didn't like the format. I don't like it either. But I always wanted to respect it for this game that he said. If 8 years, 8 years from today, things look like that. Then yes, we have all the ride to be tough on the coca. Not after the that's why he got to see minus. That's not a D and son and F because at the end of the day, these aren't new players. And if we want to generational change, if that's what we're asking for, because I think that's what everybody's asking for. You're going to take your lumps. But please, give credit to Suriname they played very well, but none of this, they all play in Europe. They play in the some of those players playing Budapest Cyprus. First and second division in Cyprus, by the way, first and second division in the era de vizier, only one player in the area de vizier, an MLS player, one Bundesliga player Geraldo Becker, a player in Greece, one in Sweden. There are levels to Europe and you could say what you want about them, but sabi's right. Everything you're applying to Mexico, oh, they've only been together so many days. That's what we got to say about Suriname as well. Sorry, I blacked out. Did he just say Stevie's right? I blacked out. What happened? All right, I don't know about you guys. Be mine and see minus pretty good where I come from. This was bad to me. This felt like watching Tata martino's Mexico in World Cup qualifying. And unlike you Mao, I was hoping to see something different. Maybe that's unrealistic, but I was hoping to see something different for that. I'm giving it a D minus, man. We saw, we saw no intensity and frankly against an opponent that Mexico should dominate. Okay, you don't bring intensity against ornament. I can kind of understand that. We should at least see quality, guys, and we did not. We did not see quality from this Mexico team. So if you're going to tell me that that's worth a B minus, I want to go to school where you went to school now, because that's an easy, easy grade, easy grade. All right, let's get to the big questions here. Three questions here that the big three questions coming off this Mexico to nothing win. Over Suriname. First, let's talk strategy overall strategy because Diego koka decided in this window to basically split his roster was dividing the roster here for three, the right decision now by Diego coca.

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