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Decided I've got a debates, and they've got that Mennonite. Patrick groups delayed him in the middle, so so it's GonNa be will got to be toned for a just think pieces again at Melbourne. Half the win another other food than they were lost, and are they GONNA? Do It ain't? They. They'll do from my be. Or four goals at most. Oh God I am hoping that Nov and lose. My face right now, just thinking about him out of the losses like the G. crying small face. As mutually like I, just like this guy. If you lose you win I'm happy, but if you lose I'm even happier like. Honestly can't losing this guy. You can't lose an arcane and was nine. What I've done I've lost. On facebook page you could see. ROBOT COP Chris Having. He's meltdown in the Bay as these guys is law so stay tuned on? The facebook prides because you could say. Strike after the guiding reactions. Depending on what happens the OB? We'll leading into to two guys, interestingly enough starting at seven forty, he m eastern on the first one, but in the Gold Coast Suns versus the West Coast Eagles. Stadium by these Games, the counting game and the The Gold Coast Guy Mogollon both on. Taio foxtail as with sparking unveils voluntary so gear. I think west coast, simply going to be white, strong thyroid, Brunel against the daisy man I put the Cuban the Raca think after three quarter time I'm really excited by going I, got a lot of time for gold. Coast a lot of the young applies have sown from LAS G. Got Rail and Anderson who we're going to be coming brand ALYSSA'S GONNA play second line up. The Ukraine was gonNA play. He's taking up. And if I can keep that core together, they've. They've got a bright future implying. They next four games up on the coast. He's got to make it a bit easier for them to adjust as Walter Book I just want them to be competitive. A young was going to be too strong and I just want I. Just want to say Dole coast gets a.

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