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Announced the moving of Areas by downtown around the corner to the Dahlia Baker space half of it anyway. And then the other half is going to become an expanded Dahlia bakery. Excited about that move, and of course, we have serious take out in Ballard and Our little combination event that's happening in the north End of the Pike Place Market, our seat town rubbed shack at his combo, outdoor dining and indoor dining and all sorts of fun Fish shack. So that's what Welcome to the hot Stove Society radio show on Cairo radio. This is chef Tom Douglas, owner of a few joints around town and just recently announced the moving of serious pie downtown. Around the corner to the Dahlia Baker space half of it anyway. And then the other half is going to become an expanded Dahlia bakery excited about that move, And of course, we have serious take out in Ballard and our little combination event that's happening in the north End of the pike Place. Market. Our seat town rub check at his Combo, outdoor dining and endure dining and all sorts of fun Fish shack. So that's who I am Chef in the shop. Oh, is joining me from the fabulous Madison Valley. Shut. Yes, sir. I am Terry wrote euro the chef in hats will know of Look in Medicine Valley, where To go is the world of the weak and the good word of the year. Probably problem to go to go to go and now with possibilities of real putting, maybe in the next few weeks What least some some some sitting so Looking towards that and this week finishing the vegetarian marksmen you on next week. We're doing a box for sent Patty's Day because we're going to celebrate that brisket. I love brisket. I love brisket. Ours, write myself a good boy brisket. So we're going to do a boy brisket next week and in the box to go and check it out. Go to Luke. To go dot com. I have 15 briskets being corned right now, in my walk in refrigerator at the at our warehouse site, 52nd 14th, and we've had him in now for four days, and we're gonna leave him Corning for seven days. And then they'll be ready to be pulled out, rinsed and roasted for our corned beef sandwich pop up That's happening next week, too, so very exciting time for corned beef. We have a big show today, Chef. It's jam packed, You know, it's international women's weak and we have a great lineup of successful and talented guest today. The Lindsay Carter is here with her new book, Why we Cook. More than 100, restaurant tours, activists, food writers, professional chefs and home cooks, all changing the world of food. Our goal. Our good friend Holly Smith, who used to be my sou chef, years and years ago from Cafe Juanita is going to join us for a bit. She's James Beard Award winner. Part three of questions for TV is coming up. I'm not sure why We need to go back to those. But apparently Amy, has you. You haven't heard enough yet. Amy, let me help you, Tom. You were very slow last week and answering the question. Well, give me a break. You have. If you're gonna ask a question, you should be willing to listen to the answer. I'm with you. Yeah, Exactly. Jennifer Shea is here. She is the owner of trophy cupcakes and a former palace kitchen. Um, employees. She's a lifelong Baker and a party maker. Guess that's what cupcake Baker's. Do. They make parties. It's very party in a box and chef Tambor Murphy from one of my favorite restaurants in all of Seattle terror plot to up on Capitol Hill is here to talk about Uh, Seattle restaurant scene, her new restaurant, and, of course, she is also a James Beard Award winner and to wrap up the show today we're gonna have our rub would love food for thought. Tasty trivia challenge that as we always do. You could win a big prize of rubber glove and hopefully, chef Terry will have to pay to have a chipped. That's always my goal. Don't you think you will see? I feel good today. Okay, So here's the thing. This is a covert free zone for two hours. We like that. We like that. We can bring you a little bit entertainment. I'm gonna tell you what my favorite taste of the week was because it is. I mean, I've had a lot of good taste is because I've been dining out again, whereas I You know everybody's reopened, so I've been dining in other people's restaurants against a lot of good taste. But I was reminded last night I had broke my finger and I was sitting home and I was soaking my finger in hydrogen peroxide. And because it's you know, it's pretty nasty break 20 stitches, all that kind of stuff. And while I was there I was hungry was early, though, and so I just thought I'm gonna raid my freezer. You know, it's still full of deliciousness That's been made over the last few months and I still have four pints of my smoked brisket chili that I made. And then Jackie and I. The night before Jackie had made a delicious pot of her beans that she grew this summer at the farm and then shut this fall after they were dry, You know, she sits and watch. Favorite TV shows, and all she does is shuck beans while she's watching her show, So we end up with all these beans and I, You know, I've never been a bean guy, but I'm kind of coming around. If you've listened to the show, you've heard me lament the tragedy of what dried beans are in life. And, uh, I am coming around. Finally. I mean, there's some things that are just never gonna happen like cottage cheese, but dry beans had him last night out of them to my chili. I had some of that food, she bakery white bread. Chef of You tried that yet down there on Elliot Avenue, there's a little pink pink base base in pink paint bakery called Fuji Bakery, and they make a classic kind of Japanese white. Sandwich bread, and I happen to have Ah sandwich from there the other day, and I had a half a loaf of bread and and I had that it's kind of like Texas tokes with my smoked brisket and bean chili on It was very, very nice to sit there with my figure in a jar of hydrogen peroxide and eat this delicious meal from my free, sir. How about you? What's your taste in a week? You have to old minutes. Well. Kathy makes a wonderful roasted beet salad with toasted walnuts, crumbled goat cheese. Very simple arugula..

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