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On. John Hannity is back on the radio. 25 till the top of the hour. 809 41, Sean, If you want to be a part of this extravaganza, let me go back to this whole argument. Whole impeachment shift show charade the whole thing. What is it predicated on That the comments of Donald Trump of the January 6 rally incited people to go and then invade the Capitol building. Um well, it they completely the managers in the gate. The main point, which which is pretty simple, And that is many of you will peacefully peacefully peacefully and patriotic Lee march to the capital, so your voices will be heard. Well, he said, fight like hell when we've played over and over again, Democrats and even media figures are you need to fight you need to fight harder needed again, based on their definition that would be inciting insurrections. But now there's a big, big problem with their entire snap impeachment and that is and the media is having to report it will play the long version here of how media now has to admit that the capital attack Was pre planned A Costco Cortez knew it. Ah, apparently, the FBI knew it. We now have court documents. We have investigators from the FBI and we have video evidence of him everything in between. Well, it totally dismantles the idea that this was a spontaneous incitement of insurrection. Anyway, Here's your media mob Democrats. Yeah, Reporting that whoopsie Daisy Trump couldn't have caused that unless even part of the planning and nobody's even making that charge of the big questions for investigators has been whether or not whether the people who attacked the capital whether this was a just, Ah, mob that just got out of control or whether there was planning and we're learning from people were talking to, uh Familiar with the investigation that they're getting indications some evidence that they're seeing that indicates that there was some level of planning. They've noticed from looking at surveillance cameras from looking at some of the weaponry that showed up that there were people who were at the lips where there was a trump rally earlier in the day, some people left the scene off that rally. Early and appeared to have gone to retrieve weapons that then turned up at the scene off the riot at the Catholic based on everything the FBI has learned. It was not some sort of spontaneous decision by a bunch of quote protesters to go up to Capitol Hill and Storm Capitol Hill. This was all planned out and now to the chilling new report. There was an FBI internal report the day before the siege warning of a violent war at the Capitol in new reporting that the FBI received a very specific warning before the riot. Spring in CBS is Jeffrey Gaze who's been reporting.

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