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We have the live thing coming out that we did with the covers in the orchestra in about two weeks. I got the new Neal Morse van down coming out, which is. Another double concept alma continuation of the last double concept album, and I'm going to be touring with those guys pretty much for the first part of this year. And then the winery dogs are going to do a US run in may, so yeah, that's like think five bands right there. So it's it's pretty nutty typical portnoy's scheduled for sure how about you tear awesome. Well, I have a bunch of demos for this next record. And I'm getting together with Scott and the nephew in away in about two weeks to start putting it together. And it's it's so far everything that I have is just really aggressive. I don't know if it's because of the state that were all in, but it's coming out very angry. And I don't know, you know, so I'm looking forward to working with Jagan. Yeah. J Rushton's awesome. Man. Very he's like he's like our six member this point. And then we're going to go out and do a bunch of shows. So March we go to Australia Japan and New Zealand, and then we hit the Europeans. And so we're going to be paying on the Europeans. All right guys with two thousand Christly you're doing this you what what what what was going to buy. No. You just at something. Yeah. I just I actually just signed with the new wrestling company called all elite wrestling that's owned by a billionaire who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Fulham football club in London. So that was kind of a big deal. And basically just kind of take it easy. We're starting to write the new Fauzi record. And of course, we also have the supporting iron maiden at the stadium in Los Angeles in September, which is blowing my mind as well. And that's gonna try and go to that. I think I'm going to fly out for that do that that's going to be so crazy, but you guys have opened fryer made. I never have and doing it in the Bank of California's soccer stadium. It's pretty much one of those things where it's, you know, bucket list dream, come true surreal, all of the so that's awesome. We have one two this year. And that's it. So that's not a bad place to start. I would say get up there. And play your set and then end with a blaze Bayley song. You said if you wanted to ruin your career just open with like ace's, high just play all maiden songs and see the along goes before Smallwood pulls the plug. All right, guys. Go back to right and your stuff, and we got more podcast coming up later in a month or two, and it's always a pleasure to hang out with the fab three here on talk radio jeers guys. Yeah. Man. All right. Thanks, guys. Bye. Very big. Thank you to everybody. Coming along here today. I'm making. All right. Thanks to Charlie and Mike for doing the two thousand eighteen year in review the fab three like, I said our next podcast. We're going to do the ultimate Beatles set list. If the Beatles were still around today and reunited, what might their settlers be? We're going to track that and a couple of weeks. But in the meantime, and in between time, we definitely got some good TV movie and music suggestions to check out from Mike and Charlie and lost to look forward to in two thousand nineteen with their respective bands. Anthrax wander dogs, Neil Morris band sons of Apollo so much school stuff going on speaking of cool stuff kind of a Wednesday. I'm going to LA this week to film, a new movie with team tiger awesome. And it's only apropos that they return to talk Jericho for another fun filled. Watch long this time it's one of my favorite cheap asks for movies ever sleep away camp to unhappy campers, one of the greatest movies of all time. If you haven't seen it go watch it now, I think it's on YouTube. You can't really find it to anywhere else. But it's one of the best. Eighties. Slasher TNA movies. You're ever going to see and team. Tiger awesome is going to be here to do a watch along. Just like we did with kiss fan or the park. It's a lot of fun. We're going to check that out on Wednesday in..

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