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The kids again. I got this Mr. Bean guy in this English guy pretends to be funny is an actor is something like that Mr Bini go. Rohan Atkinson is his name is English, You know, and all that That implies. He's got a new movie coming out that no one will go see, And he says he's a little upset. He's gonna have to be canceled now eyes. He's gonna have to kill Mr Bean as Michael Pierce, he said this morning. He said. It's important that were exposed to a wide spectrum of opinion. Why you can't say that. But what we have now said Mr Bean is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob of roaming the streets looking for someone to burn. It's so scary for anyone who's a victim of that mob. And it fills me with fear about the future. So that Mr Bean English guy run as his neck and his this is good stuff. He's right, of course, about about all that good stuff. But Hmm, the mob, the medieval mob. How many will Be slain before order is restored to Western civilization into the left is not pro Western civilization. The left is pro left, and they're going to build back better like our wonderful caller while ago is talking about Patrick these signs in the neighborhood. Oh, don't you know? Bring back normal. In fact, I don't know if we have them yet, but the Chris Plante store I'm planning on Doing remember normal? I don't think we have done that yet. Have we? The mugs and shirts remember normal, But at the Chris plants there, we do have a lot of other fun items and Even though Christmas has passed, you may have missed your window. There. Still a lot of great Cobra Cobra Cobra. Joe Biden's naked The Goose is loose and all that stuff I'm old and gas man for Hunter, old Hunter Biden. We have way yesterday. We didn't really get to it very well. But we got to it a little bit. The new hunter Biden theme song We've got new Hunter Biden theme music. It's I guess. Early 19 seventies Savoy Brown, the name of the band. And the song is needle and spoon. Needle and spoon you know, asleep with the sun, but rise with the moving so, mama,.

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