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Vice president Pence came talk about that report. And when he got to the UN yesterday what he did was turned right to the Venezuelan Basseterre. And looked and said you should leave. You should go back to Venezuela, and you should tell president Madero step down. All right now. What are the odds? I mean, the US is calling on the United Nations to recognize Guido is that going to happen? It is not likely at the UN for a whole host of reasons. But let me lay out who's on the side of Madero. Cuba, North Korea, not western hemisphere, countries, not Europe. And so even in the United States, it's not democrat versus Republican, both Democrats and Republicans seem Doro as a bad actor in international affairs. But he's hanging on he digging in digging in with Russian support. So now, go to the UN you've got it goes to the general assembly, not the fifteen members Security Council, and that's one hundred ninety three countries. Little countries have the same vote as the United States so within that boat. It may be hard to get two-thirds of that to actually change the credentials. The term regime change gets tossed around sometimes pretty loosely, but what's the difference between the push to get Madero out and other regime changes. And that is because one when we talk about regime change, we mostly talk about military action or covert action. They could actually say look, you're not conforming to international lawyer, oppressing, your people your guy jailing journalists. And opponents if the majeure if two thirds super majority vote to say, this is not the state that we this is not the representation of the state than than that can change the diplomatic dance. There's no question about it. But it was an interesting effort for the vice-president should try to say, let's do this diplomatically, rather militarily, and they and the US and the Trump administration has really sort of backed off a he said yesterday all options are open. But I think that the administration has sent out enough signals that it's not looking for military change. CBS as Pam Falk at the United Nations and still to come the price of insulin. As members of congress pushing on the drug industry, they are reacting and that story's next.

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