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Over the big four at four big story. Four. They always said don't talk, politics or religion at the dinner table. And I think for a lot of people today, you know, politics has become kind of the latest study shows that a lot of families have cut their dinner down by hour because they really want to avoid this. Oh that is so sad. This is good news for you, actually, though, you could use your e coli, and you might just have to go sit on the John all day. What's your point? You won't have to talk politics with people listen to them. So there's a new poll that finds many Americans to avoid political talk on thanksgiving. Yeah. You've got e coli your Gaydos. You're going to go sit on the John listen, I'd my house. We've got the red tables for the Trump supporters, and we got the blue tables for all the liberal people and the E coli table call. Why we're on big story for? So there's no political talk at my house, unless you're all sitting at one table, and you all agree. So so maybe what usually happens is. You know, we're gonna have like twenty people over the house for thanksgiving. You're not invited. Now. I know at the red table will usually usually it's like the older people. They'll they'll come and they'll sit at the red table because they're Republican and they're Trump supporters, and they'll go back and forth about how they hate CNN little socialists at the blue table, and you got the socialist. Right. The twentysomethings that are at the blue Bernie backers and Hillary believers exactly Bernie, where's Bernie. So so if you if you do they are fifteen percent of people are looking forward to discussing politics at thanksgiving. Something's wrong with them. Why told you that's the loser in the family? That's somebody who doesn't get out very much. Doesn't know a whole lot nicer way. You can put loser in the family. Get the sympathy. Get the sympathy invite because they don't have any. Usually said, I got the sympathy. Invite exactly forty percent hope to avoid political talk at thanksgiving and forty five percent don't care either way. Well, I'm probably part of the forty five percent because I'm I'm at the purple table. I'm not at the red or the or the or the blue tape political free table political free table light. That's it the big four and four..

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