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CD release in nineteen eighty six including five additional tracks the third release was in may of nineteen ninety five with another regional tracklist twelve all aided KRLD and straight ahead another big jump in corona virus cases in Texas we've got the updated numbers after traffic and weather together on the H. here's John wolf then we do need a little good news so let's start with that north fort worth westbound north loop a twenty of thirty five W. looks like that has cleared up and no longer seeing the delay from riverside the westbound north loop over to thirty five W. so that accidents go up but southbound east loop eight twenty past Trinity road work in the right lane as traffic slow from at least one twenty one in in south out east loop eight twenty down around two eighty seven Martin Luther king road work in the left lane as traffic pretty jammed up from various everybody has to move to the right lane in that location northbound east loop eight twenty slow from the north of John T. white getting up past Randall bill Bedford northbound and southbound one twenty one road work in the left lane around cheeks Parker made cities as traffic slow from before Harwood and from glade as you head south bound Rockwall thirty and FM thirty five forty nine we've got road crews in the left lane each direction but I'm only seeing a slowdown in the eastbound side of the street to Dallas northwest highway eastbound and westbound about one stretch between Hillcrest and president with a very slow traffic I'm John wolf sixty four twelve eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen you pop up showers expected throughout the afternoon we're watching one right now a little northeast of.

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