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That makes sense crazy crazy things for no reason the we one can we show got shelved until further notice lead her that. Yeah Gregor's horrible. Nobody wants to watch him do anything. I don't think it's his this fall. I heard it was the scripts. Were not what they wanted but can heartbreak good words for someone who terrible filming some not a baboon going to be horrible and everything. They're done now not true. Really officials great the Falcon Winter Soldier. Ultra ads noah mills and Mystery Role Valley. And they're getting ready to drop a falconer soldier Combo as well Pray not until until March. I don't think it was in the January Cadillac so easy in March or April. Did you guys talk about the crisis on infinite enters timeout the TV series the crossover with CW. No no we didn't and you might tell him tells about arrows so I really don't know much about that. I think you're probably more the on cameras. Is that what you're asking about. And you know that the end of it was kind of crazy in that they tied together the movies and TV shows and As Miller showed up as the flash and friend rows died then he came back and then right and something than the guy that guy that played the kid in Rhoda Perdition Superman with the same guy. That's an accurate. Really bad man. He's in somewhere about on these going to be with Lois. Listen to show now. They are getting their show. That's true as far as births out of this thing. But yeah the big crossover thing with the movies that Israel showed up as the flash from the need movie universe so that kind of connects the movies and the TV shows sort of Marv Wolfman Medical Canyon last episode sounds Very Stanley like Cameo yeah that's pretty sweet so that was really cool addicting. That for that was cool. What's really pool about them? Tying those things together is that it's the multi burst networks. Perfect for DC stuff right only in the movies visa to this point. We haven't had any even inclination of that happening. They never put any step forward to that. so that's also crazy like walk. Aw One scene he meant he dropped cyborgs name. He's like never believe this. And then all the candidates are ends right. Great you just is. It just fits so well because they didn't have this giant connecting thing from the get-go right. Now have it via multi-diverse because then and everything is part of it right now. Yeah can I get a universe together. It's crazy they did it. It's cool it but yeah it was crazy did did not expect that. I don't think I don't actually think anybody expected that cameo for all the ones announced though they never announced right. I think that the the thing most people expected it was is more like older. TV show stuff probably what they showed that and like you said. I don't think anyone expected movie stuff to come into the end. Now I mean even connected the The DC streaming service with the titans right so like even that connected to it now all them acted like I said I didn't naturally watch it yet but I heard something about the wonder twins in Greek. Why not actually showing up there being like a cage with weeks name on it or something including yeah? They didn't actually have a shop anything. Though there is a one of the world we see like a cage. Yeah and they clip wise. They show the clip from Montreal when they were going on the different universes and showed a clip from titans right which I guess to them Don exists in the same world. Yeah said from the beginning that patrols a different. The universe than the heightened stuff I think that's where it is because how connected it started out with first cameras being in titans right well but from the patrol show. Oh none of that really connected into Ni- yeah for sure which I kind of wish because again but at least name drops and you didn't have to put the other characters you mentioned peace boy in cool. Yup Yup like that Ma'am anyway. The Josh motored slowdown was asking rambling on about stuff. I don't watch. TV shows you know Superhero TV shows. He's he's announced the contents of fiber twenty-six crisis on infinity giant number two. Oh it's crazy. The giant number one was a storyline happens between episode two and three so I connect to the shows. Basically basically eighty page. Giant will continue its retelling of the Crisis Saga with a twenty four page craze unfit. Here's part two from writers MARV Wolfman in Marc Guggenheim in high and artists. Tom D- dare nick. And Trevor Scott in any owns the multi versus losing its battle against the Anti Monitor. Yada Yada but this one will focus the green lantern corps seeing. That's crazy because they needed announcement earlier. I think Lou January that they they were looking at doing a green lantern show on HBO. Max Sony's me wonder if that's the show. They're not H.. A. Greenwich Show. General has been like in the talks off and on different different places. So it'd be interesting. Be Cool Yeah if they do right right. Thank you become cool. As far as crossover. Things surprised when they put the book out and had the first story be because of the crisis the giants. That's a bunch of reprint stuff and and like one news story and initially they didn't give a write up for what the first one was going to have. And when they FI- reveal that was a showtime like wath crazy eh especially since it wasn't like retailing the show it was like a piece of happens between episodes weird. Yeah Kinda crazy anyhow anyhow inside factor doing another one that that's cool. Su Mac that superman and low show right. I've heard rumors that that may feature the super sons. Oh so not only John but Damian is well. That's crazy which it's rumors so right. Who knows but that'd be way cool with that? Was the thing that we need. Yeah mean show. We haven't got an actual Batman. Got Other worlds world's Batman sort of crazy yeah. DC's unveiled the first variance to March. Eleventh Robin eightieth anniversary issue. One hundred page super spectacular In addition to the main covered by Lee weeks we have Julia Tino. Tedesco the nineteen fifties. He's era dozen Goyen nineteen sixties Era Care Andrews Nineteen Seventies. Jim Shuang Trying nineteen ninety. Derrick chew thousands of men poetry. Two Thousand Ten's yeah. It's pretty cool. Because like the the ten one is a shot with all the different robbins that have been robbins. I really liked that one. Dad's a CO picture and led to thousands. One is Deputy Brown Robin so like North Korea to kind of think interior because it's a bunch of writers artists inside event. Seven weeks cover it. It looks cool to. That's the main cover this far as the story like we know much ours writers in there so I think it'll probably be a bunch of different robin not just Grayson. which if that's the case that's cool because it'd be nice to get another like stepping browse Laurie? Yeah that'd be way crazy again. Frame Miller's got the nineties when I think the cover is one eight hundred car the frame Miller one family I may get love Keri Kelli because I think she's great ain't but cover. Don't think like so much right. Yep think that group shot one is definitely my favorite share. That's by far the best moment I saw here next. I mean Stephanie Brown on really good though. Yeah but the group shot like they have tim. Drake kind of centered volunteers. Murray I think the nineties one is Tim Tim cover actually. I don't know if they've had. Yeah I think you're right when I was looking at them as black and Wii I didn't notice this right. Yeah by the end. It's supposed to be colored. I guess the avid initial ones not a final cover. That's the two thousand one isn't isn twenty year old. Probably Stephanie Brown. Either way as far as covers are concerned I kind of wish they would sooner just because the orders for stores would end for those. It was like last week so all he had to work on was the name and the names but as far as covers our concern. It's if he orange the chance to just choose what they want because like could kind of be better if you could see beforehand. I think the same things that have a flash though because the flashes and do this seven hundred fifty issue. Same thing with the pilot covers. But if you don't know what the covers look like Lake Pick and choose these makes it rougher if you're a person that's fantasy artists you know that and I guess fine but you just be better. I can't really glad those out because they look awesome. That's really cool to you. In a couple more almost batman sixty six flavored is the way they look the. That's pretty cool in the swims. Cool to you. Because it's almost the recreation of the frame Miller Cover with Robin jumping following that man it's cool cover so even the normal ones good the whole issue in that thing comes out. What the stories actually are The last thing they had was that I'm sure how excited I am about this because it could go horribly wrong. Just because I'm not sure who know the room on the street people who are designing and putting out of the people who do the fortnight figures and and is learn a lot of people out there who liked the four nine figures but I don't I don't like very much but The JOE figures coming out. There's a rumor pretty heavy solid rumor that they're going to be on the six or seven inch eight years like marvel legends style crazy and the first way was going to include Tom snick is Duke. detro- scarlet in the last one. I think I remember reading that. I can't remember if he was on there or not. I think he is though kind of paired with each other. I mean they're like the stars black figures the okay. Yeah I mean if they're that detailed yeah that's really cool but again and the the methods are so huge it's GonNa be so difficult like peak is GonNa get irritated because if they only put fifteen figures here's our Maguelonne never made this than ever. Ms Same thing. They did with the twenty fifth line. The modern air line. Same thing you know. And they put out figures the modern airline that they never ever put out in the original. Like rubberband original late eighties lasers the real American hero. Like line and it just people are never happy like I love Jesuits my thing right. I feel like they'd have if I'm an expert anything on this on this podcast. Yeah J. O.. I guess my jam my stuff. And it's like man you're just you're opened up a whole `nother thing right and Mrs People are going to be like well. Well it's not the original or this or that early academic gun this yet and it's just like oh my gosh like kind of one of the only movie line and then that'll be the end of it. Well it's a movie line then like you're only going to get like caregivers from the movie you know what I mean. It's just like but if roadblocks in it and Dukes in it I don't know figure lying at least the the first batch they announced they'll characteristic cameo real easy and no not if it's an sneak as origin story though no but by the end of the Jono Mile my guests harbinger supposed to be in it and if not is not set all primarily in the past. He's a kid. But it's supposed a star pair so by any of that I guess he cameras remain those characters but does that mean anything for the long run no figure wise you can make it hard master figuring and they did it before back when who is the rapper that did that. Gi Joe to our minister is a Rizza something. Anita Neither Snake Eyes Duke District Scarlett roadblock and destroys the only on Aga- guy so which is just a weird lineup cause scarlet would be your super young. She probably would assume block Duke. I mean I don't know it's just a weird thing to Ping with the with the movie right whether also I think it'll be a fifty fifty guessing as a thing surprises not storm shadow on there. Maybe that's why I read. That people were pissed wasn't storm channel.

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