Goodwin, Oklahoma, Pflueger discussed on CBB: Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame


For the individual momentum of guys is they're playing with him the game. And you got a couple of guys feel good right now. So you just got to tighten up a little bit on the defensive and a little bit more attention to each individual player right now. Again, I think Oklahoma is kind of regained the momentum that they're playing which is a little bit more of an edge and Notre Dame public. Bring it up the floor. One forty three remaining first half Irish trailing by Nita. Good physician years tries to get it down. Download a Moonie and the ball is kicked kicked by Reynolds. Oklahoma's known for this gritty intense defense Reynolds has got some long arms as the second or third ball. And he's got his hands on you get you gotta use your ball. Thanks building. More deliberate Pflueger is gonna inbound gets it lays it up and in that breaks the run and it's forty thirty four Irish back to within six one thirty three remaining first half of play. Here. Comes collects the over the record strike. Without a screen from dude. Little prolixity now throws a chromatic in the corner for three Knox. Another one dad. So that's shooting slumps over for the Larry Bird, look alike, and it's forty three thirty four nine point lead for Oklahoma. Their large to the game here. Crumbs hug with the basketball in the corner of the Goodwin down. Low Mooney Mooney back to Goodwin given go, but he can't get the lay to drop. Rebound, dude. Little gets it out to Callixte. He collects driving right side of the lane. Callixte? He gets Pflueger default Kluger right back up off to do little back to collect the twenty on the shot clock. Fifty five on the first half game clock collects denial driving right side, blinked collection and his passes stolen away. Here comes Goodwin and our fouls. Doodle just grab Goodwin. Trying to get up the floor. Yeah..

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