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Front of the casting agents she would have been a name and recognizable before but in two thousand when she won it was like well yeah gotta be her but then she went to the oscars with a brother so yeah and again if they are considering lara croft their mickey mouse they have to be a little bit concerned about the actress this private life and how it will reflect i think it reflects brilliantly on the character i think they are one in the same i think angelina jolie was lara croft when she was walking down the red carpet and yeah it just makes sense that she would wind up with the role stuart you've been wondering when we're going to cross a line where a game influences a movie and vice versa and i think up till now we haven't seen much of that even going back and forth but i get the feeling that this is gonna be the first time where we see a little bit a synergy going both ways with the game series animal movie series yeah i've said it before games have ripped off movies since the eighties they'd look at what movies they're hey night writers a hit tv show let's make night driver the arch tory gay and you know so they'd always ripped off this is as you say very indiana jones and now that we've gone full circle we have a game ripping off a movie now we have a movie based on that game so we're in romancing but stone territory i don't early no but i also think video games really started to influence movies in the nineties with cgi and we're coming two years after the may tricks not just digital effects but that entire bullet time video game feel of action the matrix was a big game that won don't forget wing commander pioneered that we're all get their unfortunately.

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