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Guys and good morning everyone many of us that had this date circled it none of us more so than pirates manager Derek Shelton supposed to be his first home opener as a major league manager but of course now Shelton has no idea when he'll manager's first game cliche as it sounds it's just kind of taking it day by day we don't know what's going to happen or when it's going to start to just making sure we're prepared for it and trying to stay positive because if you don't stay positive in situations like this in the days go a lot longer and the days are long enough as it is West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons thinking positive says his projection show there will be football there'd better be football our biggest revenue stream is as an athletic department is just through our football programs so I think as athletic director soon how do we salvage the football season and as we go through this and we're going to have to be very flexible you know in our approach the cowboys signed linebacker Alden Smith Smith was a top ten pick in twenty eleven and all pro in twenty twelve we had nineteen and a half sacks but his career was derailed by substance abuse do you wise he's been out of the league for four years yesterday Wimbledon was cancelled today the British open is expected to follow suit the open was scheduled to begin July sixteenth at royal St George's from the sports that's come from colony newsradio ten twenty KDKA sports and we should mention that we're going to have the voice of the pirates Greg brown with us right after the news at eight thirty looking forward to that conversation Kevin yeah one person who will probably looking forward to opening day are jonesing for opening day more than anybody would be Greg yeah he's got some great.

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