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The threes and the fourday wbz accu weather forecasters brought to us by highline cruises here's wbz tv accu weather i'm meteorologist pamela gardner unifil weather once again today in typical summer temperatures we heat up through the work week for today becoming partly cloudy more clouds across the keeping islands have eighty five degrees in a sea breeze kicking in this afternoon so cooler lung and the coast overnight some fog mostly cloudy and showery chance to the southeast low sixty seven partly cloudy tuesday humid scattered thunderstorms and showers in the heat of the afternoon as a cold front moves are way 84 degrees wednesday partly cloudy a few storms ninety ninety one on thursday with scattered storms looking ahead to the weekend sunshine both days eighty six saturday eighty on sunday i'm wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner wbz newsradio 1030 in pepperell 80 degrees it is eighty one in a bonn and its eighty six degrees here in boston mostly sunny wbz news time 1055 doug cope has your parent report right here on wbz news radio ten thirty each year some thirty five 3500 babies die in the us from sleeprelated incidents often blankets or toys that block oxygen or sids sudden infant death syndrome in new jersey they're trying out something new a simple cardboard box with a mattress inside with a fitted sheet that doubles as a crib delores peterson got one for her fiveweekold daughter she was just like chilling in there looking everywhere i thought she'd scream but she didn't she liked it and while this may sound a bit unorthodox they've been doing this in finland for 80 years and they have the lowest rate of sids in the world i would love to take credit for coming up with the idea but actually i read the article that millions of people that around the world called why do finnish babies sleep in boxes that's jennifer clary cofounder of the baby box company she sells these boxes for about seventy dollars but in new jersey a program is distributing the boxes for free kathryn mccans is the chair of the new jersey child fatality a nearfatality review board we have to change everyone's behavior so that.

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