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Malard, ABC News back to Washington. Now it's 6 17 and a member of Congress from the South is teaming up with the end of the deep for a brand new lawsuit at civil lawsuit accuses former President Trump his ally Rudy Giuliani, and too far right extremist groups of conspiring to incite the deadly capital Riot. Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson filed suit under the Ku Klux Klan Act, a reconstruction era law that makes it illegal to prevent public officials from discharging any duties. It's actually in some ways almost Acted for this situation, even though it was drafted. Ironically, after the civil War, Thompson's attorney, Jo Cellars, called former president Trump Rudy Giuliani the proud boys and the oath keepers, the principal architects of a plot to try and prevent Congress from certifying the election results. Congressman Thompson is seeking unspecified damages. Aaron Carter Ski ABC News New York, Also tonight, former President Trump has a new statement out by his Save America Pac. This statement attacks. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling him a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack statement goes on to say the Republican Party can never be respected or strong with leaders like McConnell at the helm. 6 18, and it's not the best weather, of course for swimming out there right now has intend for quite some time. But WBC's Drew Mulholland says a man from Newburyport is set to jump into the ocean. He's doing so to pay tribute to the friends. He's lost to substance abuse. Remember Jake Lavender? Bobby Ambrose, Thank you jumping into the Atlantic Ocean every single day for the month of February sounds cold. I love it. Yeah, That's what Connor Mulholland's been up to a little bit of a different spelling that my last name and he's definitely a whole lot tougher. Jumping in with just the bathing suit on no wet suit and doing it to raise money for friends lost opioids.

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