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Rock dan lewis. This is my girlfriend girlfriend. Are you see we. Don't worry about girls need to happy relationship unless of course you writing like a romantic song. she came in and i find i would. If you point the camera around the room. I can try to help at my feet. What's what's girlfriend's name. Girlfriend's name isn't jelica. Angelica that's awesome. So do you hate being called angie. Yes i took a stab in the dark just because he said angelica not. Angie and i was born. There's at rolling stone song. That's called angie and my dad called the radio station and dedicated to me. He's that name. Because the only thing i got. Wow interesting wasn't Angelica the name of the girl on rugrats. Right wasn't yeah. I think that's that's usually the first thing that comes to mind. When i think of angelica thing i think everybody everybody. Or maybe it's just us millennials. Probably that can be really the right age rugrats. Show right yeah. Yeah exactly and even if you didn't like religiously watch it you know you know at least most of the character's names because he saw it. I watched it a little bit right. So yeah i leave events. I'm sorry oh you're all good. You gotta go enjoy your iced coffee. At least that's what it looks. Like duncan for life dunkin shadow. Of course you know what in your neck of the woods. Probably have the choice between Tim hortons to a shot for that. Oh really okay. all right. you're in albany. Were were more south than albany. Where poughkeepsie all your poughkeepsie. that's right yeah. I'm getting my my New york city some extent get a we get a dunks starbucks and then we have stewart's coffee okay. Stuart becomes okay. It's stewart's a chain Yeah to it's the predominant new york. I think all new york actually is like one or two outside of the state. I don't know if i've ever had stuart's doesn't sound familiar. They're not a really big one but they do make some fantastic ice cream. Who i do. That's like my aside from pizza. That's like my next weakness. Is ice cream that yeah that is. My biggest weakness is ice cream. So what is good at stewart's as far as ice cream goes any. They have coffee and ice cream. But i guess that does kinda go. Do they do thing but they have a milkshake really hard hard ice cream. Excuse but they don't they do pretty much different ones every season but They're cookie does always a win. Live creams to like black raspberry that a pretty good black raspberry one. I think i've had black raspberry it's been a long time though. Love free ice creams as well. My favorite an extra level of refreshing Yeah i mean especially if it's mixed with something salty two zero like there's a had blueberry pie ice cream at that was super good. That sounds fantastic. Blueberry ice cream force morales. i haven't had it. They don't have stewart. Yeah i used to love like strawberry. Ice cream. growing up is weird. I never liked strawberry ice cream and then older are eating like other ice creams Yeah right it's funny. How those things change as you get older. So okay so. We were talking about groundhog day. And so with groundhog day. Specifically you're talking about a friend and so what happened with this friend if you don't mind talking about that which is a situation where It was a conversation where no matter what we did or we the group of friends who were involved did it seemed like there was nothing we could ever do to help Which the correct term care Help with their problems that makes sense so it's like sometimes man. Sounds like a really shitty. The way i'm explaining i mean so the easily explaining i'll take it out of the equation. Is that everybody. There's these people and there's these relationships you always try to help before the reason. It never seems like it's enough and it eventually start affecting your mental health. Your other relationships and how you can even help them and sometimes the best way to fix. Those situations is for both parties to disco away. There's no bad blood is not as it's not that it's just kind of we're not good at what we're doing. I mean he could take into the role of dating. I mean people break up. If you like. I don't really i typically because of a desert type like. Oh no right about the act. I don't tried write about people. I dated couples in their belt. Like dating and general like Your name in shock is not specifically one person. It's a few people back when i was dating. That kinda like influenced it but if you look at The northeast which is off our ep. Feeling the northeast in the song's called the north east like that's about my grandmother. I don't i. Don't grandma like what happened with man. What happened with your grandma. For another day. I guess but more of a said you don't you don't have to get into it. Short of it is Wasn't doesn't play well with others. Gotcha gotcha yeah. I mean just. Because they're family doesn't mean you're going to get along and not to try to really push you make our own families you know i have. I have Family friends of my parents of myself. That i've grown to know of the years i would call before i called of my own family members. Yeah right because you're you're more comfortable with them or you're closer or i mean sure we i mean i definitely have relatives that i'm closer with another is that i'm just kind of like yeah. We're related but it's kind of awkward or you know we don't really talk True you know that kind of thing. Yeah i don't have any like big divides between any family members or anything like that but But yeah i definitely get what you're saying right and it's one of the message. I always try to push always try to say like hey families more than blood and last name. It's the lyric flooding around ship for years. I don't know what to put it out yet on that we have. It's coming now. It will curse my view on life in general like we build. We built our tribe. Someone say now you got a got a great point there. So since groundhog day is based on the movie groundhog day. What is your favorite scene in groundhog. Day a lovelies in the diner and he just looks over. Like i'm god that's i think one of the best seat is classic. Bill murray's i am true. This is very very classic bill murray. Yeah that's a great scene. The scene where the Driving with the groundhog. All right.

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