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Byrne Paul Yeah in his dog is done in the game game so why even because what's the point yeah all right. Let's move on to Randy. PITCHFORD has been exonerated with quotes in the headline around exonerated in legal battle was executed box lawyer came over an idea and he is my desk made an idea and other. I think about it gearbox. Co Randy Pitchford has settled a legal dispute between him and the former gearbox gearbox legal counsel according to a new report the to have agreed to a settlement while Patriot has been exonerated from all allegations against him in a new report from the Hollywood reporter the legal battle between Pittsburgh Pittsburgh and give random all reporters getting on the game news honestly legal battle between Pittsburgh and gearbox. You'll council Wade calendar that began in December. Two Thousand Eighteen has reached conclusion the decision was covered discovered in a filing that Dallas County Texas District Court on Tuesday or Thursday upon review of all the evidence in the case in the opinion of counsel that the evidence exonerated Randy Pitchford for the allegations against him the official dismissal statement read all misunderstandings between the parties corrected and apologies were exchanged because has the parties have been mutually bound by confidentiality no additional statements will be forthcoming countersued Pitchford in late two thousand eighteen twenty eighteen after he accused of allegedly receiving a secret twelve million dollar bonus but borland's publisher take two interactive gearbox countersued claiming that calendar borrowed money for personal expenses and never repaid the company the legal battle became salacious when counter-accused pitcher and leave a USB drive in Texas Medieval Times which contain confidential company materials pornography under raise should probably early be the modifying thing there. Something Gearbox said we're allegations made by disgruntled former employees with no basis in reality law gearbox also filed a grievance the state bar the Texas against calendar for filing lawsuits that includes accusations that he knows to be untrue. The lawsuit came at a particularly inopportune time for gearbox which is in the middle of announcing releasing a highly highly anticipated borderlands three in two thousand nineteen Helberg borderlands was successfully released another lawsuit is settled as well counter also joe recently joined the NRA as general legal counsel so I don't know if you remember all the details about the story but when I I remember it 'cause it was the first week I was back at work vizier I was I was doing like a Vr demo for Oculus way the fucking redwood city and my phone's blowing up while I was in Vr and like I can't deal with this right now whatever it is over fifteen slack message of like. Did you see this thing. What are we talking about this? How do we report the story? It's sort of weird one for sure like the whole thing with him. Leaving a thumb drive at Medieval Times with like an underage cam girl wall so that that was the thing that like was was underage because I remember that was what the headlines are saying but then that was calendars allegation yeah so I don't remember the legal term for what this like stage of discovery or whatever accusation is but I talked to some lawyers about they were saying yeah in this part you exaggerate the fuck out of whatever you want like you're taking they make it sound really bad yeah which is why gearbox also talked about him. You know like yeah he uses money for better ads or whatever yeah so they they both basically talk shit about each other and to get the judge to like parrot down to something reasonable. Yeah makes sense. Oh this has been like the lawsuit apparently reflecting pox on both their houses kind of thing paying of this didn't work out for both of them so they just settled it and been dealt with it. Exonerated is a word that I feel this is weird for reason here and they're using the dismissal statement but I rarely pitcher. I don't know he's you just stay gearbox. Pr Stuff forever ever at this point. I don't understand how they could have him. Just have him. Let him continue to do the things he does. It say that he dies because it feels like it's so not congruent with their vision in the way that they speak the way that the handles things the way that even like their developers handled things the content team is all that stuff. It's so out of left field where it's kind of just like like it feels I can feel the cringe of a lot of the people when he starts to talk yeah I mean like after the game informer blow up like there are people who argue at gearbox a DM me like yeah. We're kind of embarrassed about all of this like to K and all that too like they. I think it's a thing of if anybody could lead to Randy Pitchford they would and even though like this thing went away all of the if he continues to talk. It'll be like that I guess I never really told the full story blow up. We'd like this thing of like when Paul Sage was screwed by Randy comments because what ended up happening is we all the game informer for the gearbox borderlands three reveal event i. I don't think you were there when it was like Greg Fran Yeah I and I had an interview view with Paul Sage. I said I ask Rick like hey these random onstage. There was no micro transactions. I saw in the game. There's all these that are going to be like for sale. What do you think is like okay well? Yeah those will be for sale. That's deal well okay. I'll just write that down. Do whatever and I didn't end up using the story because they wasn't interesting game has Michael Transactions on its story yeah but then ready get on stage for the actual stream and again says no no transactions at all so at least fabulous was I think I was in an Nintendo meeting for cadence of high role at the moment so she was running up the news and the tweets and I said Hey ilise lease. He said that on a stream there are actually my coaches actions. Here's the quote from the transcription. Put it in the story like you do a tweet about it as well so she does that I go into my meeting another situation where my phone is blowing up the entire meeting like I'm kind of looking down a tree or they're like. I might have to go to walk out and deal with something Real uh-huh quick by the time I walk out Andy McNamara saying like yeah. I'm dealing with don't don't to you don't do anything so for the rest of the day. It's him talking to Randy page who is yelling at us about us. Lying in the I think the explicit line was W- how could you guys fuck me on this specific line was how could you I just came in for her to the account directly eaten late meanwhile at Lisa's heavy like a slow breakdown. I feel like now you can say that to to. I mean they do good work. I'll just say that like sports illustrated thing gives me like pause them losing half their staff the yesterday but but I will say that when that happened it very much like there was a feeling of Zany to shut this guy's a fuck up of of like just not even a game for just everywhere. Why is he getting directly involved with one thing that he's super wrong about to even if he wasn't wrong about it? Why would you have the CEO of your company? Go out on twitter and start fighting with an outlet over it. Yeah you know it's such a such a weird place where Herat with social media where everybody is entitled to voice their opinions and being able to say things in like editors doesn't represent the company but what if it does then and it doesn't matter when you're the CEO Oh yeah and I feel like that's the thing is when we've been reporting on the story the last couple months. It's like it seems like there's so much that we don't know obviously and at the end of the day it's like these are two guys as they used to be friends that shit went bad between and they are now dealing with it unfortunately has to be very public yeah and a lot of shit being thrown. Both ways is right but then all of this adds when there's these stories plus that story plus God knows how many other stories it's like all of a sudden it's like people are looking at him waiting for him to say something stupid and then to jump on it right but then when they don't need to wait because he just keeps doing it like that's the part that is it's scary for the teams that have to deal with that right. They still have borderlands Konta roll out the question. If I weren't by some I might be please as for the love of God do not let Andy Get Iran to get involved with any of the features things and I think that they have the power to do that if you wanted to if take take two could stop him they would. I bet that's written to the contracts forelands four for like yeah. You can't talk about this like if someone asks you a question walkaway away all right moving on departing arena that president was working on potential Gilmore sequel this Stephen Not low at Arco Taco and they heartfelt heartfelt message that arena nets webpages afternoon. It's president Mike O'Brien announced that for nineteen years he's leaving the company he cofounded. He noted that he'd been working on a new project arena net but was now going to start a a new studio with the friends. The time has to take a step back. He said expressing the desire to work something smaller scale. I'm going to skip ahead because this is a long thing that goes over like ah when he was working on he when we're going to get worse to previously but O'Brien didn't say what products could work for two years. He did know that he had something already. Had something new lined up up next week. I'll join some of my old friends forming a new studio. We'll go back to the beginning and make small games again. Kotok understanding via our source is it will O'Brien will be working with other departing developers. I who had recently worked not acknowledging for potential Gilmore's our future Gilroy project developers are not taking what they made with them so basically Gilmore arena has been having some issues over the last couple of years but fifteen years ago they were bought by NC soft and then they did this big thing with Gilmour's to where hurt they're not going to do a subscription model. They're going to just sell expansions and survive off that in about two three years ago and see soft said this model isn't working think and since then they haven't done anything so it kind of feels to me like code of conduct could argue saying again this news is that the founder is leaving with a bunch of the people from that company but could say they were working on something new something next. It sounds like it wasn't going well yeah yeah I mean I wonder what what's GonNa come from this. Are they gonNA take the team. Kinda like branch off start some new stuff and then continue working on the version of the project that they were working on there. Was it not working for them. What was it not working for? The bottom line. Yeah and it's another question of like is this three they were working on by guild was projected. They mean we're making a Gilmore's fighting game game now or not yes or and so that makes sense for any developer to go. You know go off and do yeah but you can't really launch from the Garage Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm really curious like again. It's one of those things where there's a diverse right now and I think they're feeling the squeeze more than anything of of the old models aren't working yeah. So what do we do in the future and they don't have answers yet. You got to link up with the game pass game stores. Things like you need need that money. There's so much money being thrown around in all the spaces and I feel like so many people are looking at it like Oh. All these Indians are getting so much money. Obviously the triple A.'s get the money like kind of organically manically but the double as they they can get money to from these these resources and I think that we're GONNA see a lot more of that. I acting in the next year or two of both xbox game pass and a game store really kind of like just throwing money at higher and higher production value games so you say that but I feel like that's also tenuous 'cause I if you asked me two years ago like where's the money in like literally the empirical answer was investors are putting it in Vr the that money's entirely dried out because they don't it's not taking off you can still get money from Oculus but that's one company like maybe Sony will toss. VR Roddick's your way yeah but is gay like there's no permanent answer and I think that's that's true but I think the difference is there's inherent money in subscription cushioned services and there's a lot more money coming in with.

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