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Let me make this crystal clear Lamar Jackson should not be playing receiver. the Miami Dolphins should not be playing pro football. making fun of the dolphins is like shooting fish in a barrel so is playing them Jackson absolutely lit them up. and then Jackson lit up everybody who is doubted him the whole. you were going through the wall you think you are with people that you were from the. not bad for a running back. not bad for a running back not bad for a running back seventeen for twenty for three hundred twenty four yards five touchdowns and a perfect quarterback rating take that for data I think that the data. I mean anybody who was running with that garbage that the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback in college would be better as a wide receiver in the NFL better apologize for that right now or at least explain it right now or at least answer for it right now or at least just sit there and slam acro Sando and chase it with some humble pie right now. not only did he turn around Baltimore season last year they committed to him in the off season got EM weapons and he goes right out he does that yesterday. now get. it's just one game. it's just one game and just as importantly it was just the dolphins again only one game but reportedly that one game was more than enough for some dolphins players according to PFT multiple players reach out to their agents after the game and asked to be traded. yeah that's not so good. that's not good and neither are the dolphins I don't ever recall ever hearing anything like that one game in and a bunch of their guys are telling the wraps get me the hell out of here get me the hell out of here. just one game right one game in and we're talking about an alleged Miyuki. even back in the day when they look like they could run the table now look like they would run the table in reverse you never got to this point never got close to this point yet here we all are here the bleep we all are after only one week now we are. when they were looking around the table back which back in the day the of these tried every single week they cared. and personally I gotta be honest I'm looking for use by the whole thing I'm kind of confused as to why the dolphins players or reacting the way they are I mean sure they were down forty two nothing in the first half sure they're humiliated fifty nine to ten at home in front of zero fans exactly what they expect where were you all the last few months when everybody in the world knew that this team was tanking for to us. or hoping for Herbert we're getting a really early start on losing for Lawrence. were you around for the Laramie tonsil trade did you not notice when they started collecting as many draft picks as possible and as few players as possible. why did you need to get your **** kicked for sixty minutes to realize all weight were not that good old wait they don't even want to win oh wait they wanna lose. how you don't know that everybody knew that the tank is on so how are you the last ones to know it how the guys in that locker room the last one to know it in the course the front office and the coaching staff stock I say they're tanking they can't they can't say they are bought actions reveal priorities and winning is not a priority in Miami not this year it's not. Bryan Flores is gonna go out there and say we're trying to lose games but then again his after does he he just has to play the team he's been given and that will take care of the losing again only one game but the dolphins look like to have another fifteen just like it starting this week yes doing one. let me ask you something how many of you last night were hitting refresh hitting refresh hitting refresh waiting for the line on next week's game between the dolphins in the past how many of you want to get down last night how many of you kept trying and then when I finally did popping you hit it now let's get a move the wrong way. the dolphins you probably hear it again. so I do want to talk about that they already have guys calling their agents and get the hell out here I'm not doing this yes you are. Hey you got a long way to go after all it's only one game and yes yes I am well aware that I did not mention America's team the Cleveland Browns I'm well aware that I was the guy driving that bandwagon just so you know I still lamb and they're gonna get thrown take that's why did not mention them in the run down a week one day get their own take I'm still on that bandwagon even if that was where the biggest let downs ever. but my thoughts on the Browns are coming up they go ahead jump jump ship G. Johnny come lately is get the hell off the bandwagon we don't need you we don't want you. and I will get to them a little bit later on one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six hit me up patriots raiders and Antonio brown because of course that went down like that that surprise anybody at all. best thing upon hi the Steelers she was walking around can graduating themselves can be any happier than Antonio brown that himself and the raiders on fire high fiving each other feeling so good about themselves in so we ended up going to the one team they swore they would never send into and that same team just beat them down last night even without him. very Antonio brown very New England Patriots and very Oakland Raiders the only guy looking as bad as brown right now is Jon Gruden who that the whole thing happen. Hey John. Hey John Tennessee Mr Roethlisberger. time to see Mister Brady him break is like opening up his house well yeah it's only money you can live with me. so of course is gonna break the big question is it going to work in knowing on. well Antonio brown stay down will he fit in we put the team first or will he go Antonio brown the way he did in Pittsburgh and Oakland. thing is with us they don't care. was no risk involved all they did was going to Bob Kraft ashtray plot a few million Bucks and committed Antonio brown if he can't fit in if you can't stay down the break I'm off the pretty damn good last time without him in there. all right when we come back Charles Davis NFL on fox broadcaster joins us.

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