Philippines, UN, Rodrigo Duterte discussed on BBC World Service


Threat to the country from islamist terrorism could increase over the next two years it's also warned that the risks posed by wing extremism is growing officials say the aim is to raise awareness about the threat posed by some of the bulls in twenty thousand individuals held on five's database security correspondent frank gardner has this report lonsdale's terrorist attacks in britain prompted a sweeping review of how the police and five assists the risk posed by thousands of individuals known to have links to or sympathies with terrorist organizations the revised strategy as contest will include a declassification of certain secret intelligence held by five so the security service can share what it knows about socalled subjects of concern with other partners including local government world news from the bbc you see police in indonesia have arrested three former students who are accused of planning terror attacks from the grounds of their former university campus in the city of peckham barroux the indonesian authorities to the mandate been planning to bomb regional parliamentary buildings several homemade explosives and variety of weapons were found in the police raid israel has attacked numerous targets in the gaza strip in retaliation for palestinian rocket fire on southern israel he's really military said they'd struck to sites where arms were made and stored as well as a military compound the idea of also accused the militant group of mass of mounting various terror activities over the weekend in addition to launching two rockets voting is underway in slovenia to elect a new parliament with the antiimmigrant sds party expected to win the most seats about forming a government is likely to prove difficult for its leader yannis young scher most rivals have said they would not enter into a collision with the sds the centreleft list of marianne sarah former comedian and the party of the outgoing prime minister mirrored sarah look set to finish in second and third place the president of the philippines rodrigo duterte has told the un special reporter on judicial independence that he could as mr duty put it go to hell the reporter diego garcia say on had on friday expressed concern at the state of the.

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