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Radio this is Bernadette with Diamond Gray Aviano variant toast Nev.. Mendoza and KIP Watson. The role of the are yes. I love doing that Roll my RS. Well you know I don't really I can do it with battle Gento but I can't do it and I and I didn't even do it that well that time you know. It's a spin off of Gloria compost. You know here locally in Dallas if you're listening in California K.. Emmy so there's a local newscaster here and she's beloved. Everybody loves her. She's about founded on the air for years and She'll be going along like talking. You know like speaking just regular English. And then she'll say her name and it's Gloria folks Everybody loves her so Yeah anyway that's I always. I just used to always think that was so funny. Will you were making fun of me before we came on air about. But I think when you've spent any time casting no well. I'm trying to start doing that. I'm trying not to swear so much and it's really hard when you're a teenager that accuse you of being part of the Patriot. What did he say that you're a slave to the patriots? slaved the patriarchy mom because I was telling her to dress more appropriately. You know to you know if your legs are exposed and cover up your top. If you're tops ops exposed to you know like you just you know she's like you're a slate the patriarchy mom. I'm like okay. Have a good day. I'll talk to you later. Then I forget she says says these things to me and so I'm trying not to get like super aggravated and then there's the old clean your room. You know keeping your room. I feel like discipline is the key to almost everything in life you know that and communication to get excited about self discipline and so you know trying to get her to keep her room. Tidy has been like a big chore and then for Halloween last week she used this spray hair dye and I have a forbidden. Everyone in the myself and my two girls course Vinnie's off at college. Oh you you but but anyway so no. After having multiple experiences with crazy hair dye almost destroying the back end of the house without going through the air weather it's blue or red or purple orange. There's a rule in the house. No spray no haired. I know nothing is allowed in the house. Now I've extended it nightside. Because she had Halloween forget who she was trying to be but she spreader sprayed her hair rat and I was out in the kitchen cooking and I didn't know it was going on and the after. She left to go with her dad. This was like last Thursday my whole back of the house. Yeah everywhere oh it gets better. The new chair that I had custom-made dame had pink all over it because the cats were shopping in the pink and they love getting up on the chair man. So I've had my patients tests dead on the drapes. Yeah and then the the drapes that I've waited ten years for okay. Thursday just installed them. They're so beautiful. I had them installed like a week ago. Go yesterday morning. I sat my eyes out because they had peed all over the bottom of one side of them. I couldn't even stay in the room. I just walked out and just stopped because I was so so broken from it. Here's the lesson I'm N- if you want to have a nice looking house with custom stuff like don't have kids or animals already much his pretty much and I waited ten years and I didn't spend a whole lot of money because I got a really good deal and I can't remember the name of the place in fact I need to go back there because I bought a really good headboard for her room on sale for like. I don't know like two hundred dollars. It's beautiful it's all tufted In its gray linen matches the whole thing that I that I did and I did it on my own. I didn't hire designer. I've got good taste and I didn't. I didn't break the bank but I waited ten years to get these drapes in my the house and the cat speed on them and so I was just beside myself but I find myself instead of trying to swear like super enunciate like you do yes. It's like if you would listen to. Yeah and I find myself doing that and and she actually said you. Sound like hip Watson sinker yes. She's been a stinker be like. Oh my head Da. Yeah but I just read it in a little bit more. Well you know everywhere everywhere it was. I mean literally everywhere in my back bathroom I mean everywhere all over the stone took a couple of which is we're now you could work it into the decor now now but I think we finally have gotten rid of all the residual And so yeah ms but that's not gonNA come out. It did come out but I've had it before one time. Vinnie did something with your hair with a red dye and the shower was pink pink for a couple of years in this one spot and it finally went away. But you know it's it's a beautiful home and it's got real expensive stone in any kind of finish out like that in a bathroom threw him. You know you have to be careful with it and I grew up in a home that you know like. We put pitchers over holes in the wall where worked really. I've worked really hard to maintain my home and and and keep it nice and I like I said I waited ten years for these drapes and I finally felt like okay. I've I've earned the right to have some really nice drapes. Plus for the privacy and then it was safe to say. I thought that the cats understood you know. Talk to them ahead of time. Really sad sad. Oh my gosh but I I do you know gratitude. I do have a lot of gratitude in my life. And you're like where's that coming from because Dr Markman Is going to be on the show coming up here in just a minute. Talking about gratitude may increase self control. Because I really did exercise self control. Most people would have lost their freaking minds. Had that happen to them right. I stop for a couple of minutes. I'm proud of you and then I went to work. You know I went to work. And so you turnaround cleaned it up and in control and in control but sometimes I lose my control I do. I did lose my control with my daughter last week. I got really really angry and I swore a lot and I was like. Oh my Gosh I have to stop this and I typically don't do it but everybody has a breaking point you know don't you think yeah. Yeah most people do. It takes a lot to get me there but I've been there a few times. I just get tired of cleaning. I've been cleaning up after other people my whole life starting at like seven years old. I swear to do that with family. And so my sister speak in a big family. Oh my gosh okay. I was GONNA Catholic family to clean up every single. Well you you know what they all would be on the street or they'd be dead and I love him and I have gratitude for them. They add a lot of beautiful moments to my life. And so so you know linked to clean. Yes I am. I don't mind cleaning up after animals. It's grown humans that I mind cleaning up although I have to say so you're GONNA so the sweater I have on right. I okay so this morning. One of the cats knocked it off the table and then And then Pretzel was out because of the rain. They didn't want to go out. They don't like to get their paws wet so anytime the weather is raining here in Dallas. I have extra trouble I think it was pretzel. Pretty sure it was pretzel Because he was the only one that was in the territory and he's in he's a boy and they peed on my sweater. Under my freshly washed sweater that I had washed last night. peed on my sweater and my boat beautiful sweater. Thank you I I soaked up the P you and then sprayed it with cleaner and then soaked up the cleaner and this is a freshly peed. Wash sweater that I have on right now bullies. It wasn't poop at at least wasn't poop poop. I wouldn't have worn. Yeah but you know Pe- you can like stop because it's a I don't know because of the anyway I was going to talk about the the Texas Catholic like letter a newsletter that I got in the mail today and I'm not a Texas Catholic. I used to be a Catholic but it was funny so you heard me Gripen before the show you can like. Why are they sending this to me? Yeah Well Oh you know we were. We we started talking about it. Wasn't it wasn't me. It was another woman. She had a a an address similar to me so it ended up in my mailbox but the Texas Catholic was talking. We were talking about confessions. That's kind of what you're talking. You're not talking about confessions but you're talking today. KIP Watson about self help or self-destruction modern therapy could be hurting you rather than helping you. Yeah you gotta be careful and be really wise and discerning when you pick a therapist. Yeah I agree and because it's expensive number one. Ah both in time and money. Well invested if you're getting results but you talked about confession. Confessions which kind of I think is the Catholic Church. The only one that does confessions. No now. It's a practice of Christian faith. Yeah Silina's up in the halls at at heart when I was a kid there there are. There's some denominations of which there one of them of the Christian that have a more organized a plan of doing confession but it is a it is a spiritual discipline of the Christian faith that is basically where you take ownership of your sin. Then yeah right and Don't don't most people do that. Naturally Oh heavens no now no well the see. That's a good part about we ask search that we we've now and I'm GonNa get into that but we've now become where we stop have. We've stopped calling it. Sin And we call it disease or dysfunction or I may steak doc and were not owning our size. Will they used to bring the portable confession like to the school instead of making all go to the church. Oh Yeah Yeah. They had a portable affordable confession. Like thing it's a wooden thing that had like a curtain in the priest would stand behind it and you'd line up in the halls and sometimes even they would do that in high school cool to and they would they would multitask they. Check your ham length of your uniform to make sure you didn't do what I used to do. which is to take it up all the time and make it roll shorter? The I got a I got girls still do that. Over the confession in the in the book of James In the New Testament talks about confessed your sins to one another and find healing. Yeah so it's a part of the healing taking responsibility moving on getting in better process. Yeah that's that's what it's meant to do. Wow when we're GONNA talk all about it. We've got a great show lined out for you guys out there listening We'll be right back with Dr Art. Markman and KIP Watson. Stay tuned everyone. You're listening to one life radio..

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