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On CBS face the nation former Maryland Republican governor Larry Hogan says he's not running for president in 2024. We'll have more from CBS News in seconds. Also, it's beautiful day for the annual polar plunge Nancy hardy is live from north avenue beach, and a man is charged with attempted murder in a stabbing incident in plains. Wbm sports a black hawks lose to Nashville and called troops Loyola beatless Sal while creighton defeated de Paul in spring training baseball both the cubs and the White Sox were winners. Actor the forecast has area of fog early today, periods of clouds and sun and a high of 47° expected today tomorrow looking at a high of 54° in fact a shower is expected in spots early tomorrow, clouds and some sun, breezy and mild. Right now, 39° in Chicago and 10 o'clock time for CBS News. This is CBS News on the hour sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance. I'm Linda kenyon in Washington. Former Maryland Republican governor Larry Hogan says he is not running for president. Right now you have, you know, Trump and desantis at the top of the field with soaking up all the oxygen. And then a whole lot of the rest of us in single digits. And the more of them you have, the less chance you have for somebody rising. Hogan was on CBS's face the nation. Former president Trump headlined the conservative political action conference last night, here's CBS Wendy Gillette. Former president Trump came out swinging at cpac, targeting the current president. We

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