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Haiti beat her to go on good good good hey listen i know romer noor with korea and get engaged in every thin and also know that there is a discreet rendezvous clash inner tonight with an unbeaten again and i'm just one of our you called registered anywhere life yawned or pottery barn i really really get you something night thank you know you are and of course end up back roku suck it all right and stay any danny calling from thailand thoughtful we have included the rest of the dinitz for tonight's dinner it's not just seat and myself you guys are always invited it just somehow it ends up for the table for too but not tonight fritz he's even coming out about that but i can retire yeah recently said that a third third wheel that kind of ruin their romantic just a couple of nights ago but you did not bring was gonna just be the too yeah i don't know it just we have a a pattern a rhythm down with our conversation more impressive streak ending the astros and the world series are todd coming at the dinner the valid question jeff in portland joins hi jeff whitty have for me hey good morning damage year career highlight heat want any five and i thank you i totally agree with you that that was mistake night on the proposal i think it reminded me of the boise state fear a bullet through thousand seven when they beat oklahoma and the kid for close to two cheerleader that was an epic fail and i guarantee they are not together no no there they're still there together oh well that that then i'm wrong but building got the pardon beating dole unless you want to start a family okay i'm done thank you jeff yeah they have a child to.

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