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Anna Elizabeth Young pleads no contest to the cult. She was known as mother and her own daughter testifies about what went on at the House of Prayer for all people in the eighties. Survivors recount beatings and starvation. Young had been living quietly in Marietta before her arrest in 2017. U. S marshals tracked down a couple on the lam after shooting the woman who shushed him in an Atlanta movie theater. This is a very terrifying ordeal for you guys tonight. The movie, The tall was on the big screen of AMC Camp Creek, January 9th. But a group behind Richelle, every gender wife were being loud when Ethridge turned around to shushed them an argument and Gunshot to our shoulder followed the wanted couple. Even Crawford and Cameron King will be extradited from Indianapolis on aggravated assault charges for US, please. Veronica Water, says King has a record of arrests for theft and drug possession. Johns Creek Police investigate the unexpected death of a 16 year old girl. Ah, friend of the Johns Creek High School Cheerleader found Carly Brooke Jackson unresponsive Sunday morning. Police are not yet sharing any more details about the circumstances. Jackson was a junior. Her obituary describes her as a lover of fashion animals and All things Disney. Her funeral tomorrow in Sandy Springs will be shared live via Zoom. Eight people are shot and wounded near a busy transit station in Philadelphia, who never heard that about 71 year old man is critical. The others are stable. One suspects in custody and police recover to firearms. Now Detectives are working on a motive. Texas transplant Elon Musk survives the cold in his car in a tweet Elon Musk revealed that when they ran out of gas and fire, would his wife their baby and the dog with their Tesla on camp mode and moved in. Feature lets you use the cars climate control for more than a day without depleting the battery reporter Deborah Rodriguez says multiple Tesla owners in Texas do the same thing. Musk is building a new Tesla factory in Austin. WSB news times 7 18 Camp mode. I've never heard of that. Well, I hope we have time for this story A little later this hour, half hour. War is emerging on the big failure of the utilities in Texas, and right now we're in one of the bottom line reasons they never went to rise to the system. New Georgia 400 up New York neurologist Kirk Mellish and his defendable five day forecast sponsored by Breda Pest management, They handle bugs and critters. Rain Diminishing You are 40% chance after 1 p.m. additional amounts today a quarter of an inch on average, drying out after 11 p.m. or so Chance of Ah, few flurries early tomorrow morning..

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