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They wanted to do something equally dishonorable to them. Yeah scratch my back. Scratcher type thing. Turn one cheek on the other. Was that the first incident that you'd seen combat. Or what did you see it throughout your your service i was that was definitely the catalysts. I'm sure but yeah that was. That was the worst by By a long shot you know getting wounded. I was in guantanamo bay for twelve months as a prison guard. That was a Do you have. Ptsd from that the stat that I loved my time there. So it's it was okay. You know it's not really the the events that caused. Ptsd data the worst. You know. it's the everything afterwards. Because i mean the the event is over but there's definitely some kind of catalyst there's a trauma associated with in bed that starts it but ultimately that the event itself is not much to in frankly we can make the argument that yeah every american nowadays has some form of ptsd just kind of left this pandemic or still in it. But you know it's it's dying down here and people are scared to go out in public right now. People are you terrified to take a mask off public and that in itself is some form of. Ptsd that we've all developed from the pandemic. yeah but it's it's infinitely not comparable to like the incident that that you had. That's that's pushed it into a different level that nobody else that unless they have it would know about and how much it affects their day to day life so i'm young example oranges kind of spectrum. That's of ptsd that's around there for me. I was in law enforcement training as a peace officer of sacramento county and ultimately right..

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