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Twenty-one on Canucks time now for KNX football shadow report with Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater. Here's KNX ten. Seventy two Kelton, Chris Madsen and Vicky more Jackie the Rams couldn't dot against the the saints. The last time the playing in New Orleans, which is obviously a really bad place to play in terms of noise. How do the Rams pull it off this time? There's certainly going to have to be a lot better than they were last time. They were there, and you have to look at some of the things that they're doing now conclude. They have a better chance they will hot at that time. They were really rolling on on the opposite side of the ball. And they would make up on the do you recall? A key to lead was out. And you know, a key to leave. The moment that ramp practice field. He was a leader. He's the guy who came with weight Philip some over Denver. He knew his system. He knew what he was doing was coverages, and he was doing a a signal calling on the back end over there. Now, I think him being there and making those calls and solidifying that secondary is gonna go a long ways have shot. Hey, Jackie Chris Matson here. I heard a remarkable stat this morning. The Rams were the only team to start the same offensive line for every game this season. Now when you are coming off a big rushing game as they are after the Dallas win, can you give us a sense of what that does for the confidence of those guys in the trenches? And by the way, do girly and Anderson, oh, each one of them a state dinner. A cowboy a Rolex watch and several other things. Make no mistake about it. I I felt a year ago when the Rams west of the guys on the last game that New Orleans Saints game much like what we saw thanks last week with Philadelphia. They quarter two quarters or so the get going then they finally got rolling. Well this year the Williams played guys every game down the stretch. And I know if it were me it anything in my career right on up until the, you know, the end when I was being very productive I needed to rips. So they've given their office sublime the reps at the critical part of the game. And that's one in the ball. Opposite lyman. This is what we make our money. We have to be able to knock people off the ball and give us a chance to do that you're going to win ballgames. And so the best thing I think that could have happened to Andrew Whitworth Sullivan, and Roger Southall young haven in blight would give them thirty eight opportunities in the Coliseum. Run the football against the front that quite frankly hadn't given up any more than ninety ninety four yards rushing again. So that was fabulous. And I will well expect that same kind of thing can can happen again. Dick mentioned the noise in the Superdome. Gave us a feel for what kind of challenges that creates when you're on the field, and it's crunch time believable challenge, especially if we learn guy, you know, like, especially those tackled or going to happen you use a peripheral vision on stand there. And look at the.

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