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Inside running game. And obviously reason for that is because they wanted to be able to first off take a little pressure off the quarterback. But with Anderson you got a guy who is clearly a power back and he's playing even bigger than he played in the past. So I mean, he's a guy. Now, he did not have a good game against the Wallin's. New orleans. Did a good job of shutting down run? They didn't excellent job is shut down the road in that game. I mean girly only at four carries and suddenly at forty four yards on sixteen carries say they did while the against the Cowboys. I mean they killed the Cowboys. You know in the in the divisional round mean they that cowboy defense played great all year. I mean, those numbers the Rams put up Anderson had twenty three for one twenty three in girly at sixteen for one hundred fifteen. I mean, those are those are big time numbers. I mean isn't pounded away at fifty five. A pop girly had a thirty five yard run. So he obviously average a lot. But they ran the ball really, well and ran inside with power, and as Anderson so the pats not a team you push around there a team that they're outside running scheme that they like to use. Normally the Rams will work much better against the Rams against the pats. Then try to beat him in cyber power absolutely won't work. That's not the way to beat them. What you do beat? The will you do beat. The pats is down the field with speed moves because they're not fast, ten o'clock. Updates on sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty. Eighty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York radio dot com station..

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