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Joining us on the program. We're pleased that have from the seventeenth congressional district in Illinois, Representative Jerry bluestone says on the phone. How are you today? Thanks for joining us for having a couple of things we could certainly talk about. And one of those top of buying this point with the g twenty and talks about US China and trade. That's not just one. I mean that's just one of the many trade discussions, but certainly came for agriculture and for your district as well. Yeah. Probably after talking about the, the flooding and the terribly wet condition that are our growers, and producers are facing all over the state of Illinois, and especially in my part of the state in the northwestern region. It is a trade is the next thing that comes up, and obviously, a lot of interest on the US MCA, which is, you know, that NAFTA to point out, whatever you wanna call it and the interest in having a sense, say about that. But the other thing is the fact that we are literally in the middle of a trade war with our biggest agricultural trading partners, and it a it is a big concern, not just at the present time. But what it can do long-term as far as China finding trading partners with Brazil Argentina, and I mean, I have deep concern about what's going to happen, and literally. Lost. We start our day out in Washington, d I talk to you from Washington right now, with we don't know what tweets going to start the morning, we don't know if it's going to involve trade, we don't know what it's going to, you know what's going to happen. And the bad thing is, you've got our family farmers who are facing thirty per month. Day in and day out with what, what going to come out of fixing hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. China is, is one and the China day agreement with China is one and then US MCA is another. And there's been some back and forth about that sort of thing. Even Senator Grassley said, you know, it's feels like it's, it's not being delayed -sarily has been talking about that, hopefully that can get through the house, though, to get things ratified in a timely manner. Have you have you been able beating conversations with that necessarily, well, there are still parts of this? US trade agreement that have to be worked out before this up for about two things in particular, one involves the price of prescription drugs right now as part of US MCA, there, the link, thinning of the patent agreement for pharmaceutical companies, which would actually delay the time that generic drugs can be brought to the market, and that's would increase prices that families pay for the prescription..

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