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IQ for their support of Material and tall of free. Latham all right. Let's let's talk about do so. Let's talk about video. Yes we have some new news about The Microsoft duo. which is you might remember? Microsoft's stops new plans for in two thousand twenty four to screen devices right talking about folding devices. We have one screen the fourth and a half. We're talking about two. LCD panels are led panels with the hinge in the middle of them which is gets more exciting more IC- actual practical explanations of how to work including this week Microsoft released developer tools and guidelines and a software emulator For this falls Duo of Microsoft do device which will be running android. They're having one vice. That runs the windows. One that is android faced And the Zach Boden Who is a designer created video video of the emulator so people can actually practically see how a lot of these demo APPs are going to work Then Jonas Stein art diner sorry of have went. One better took his video and overlaid them over like a press photo of just like the actual duo device unfolded actually see things moving from one screen to another other and I have to say that this video is pretty mouth-watering it the for a couple reasons number one that the plant right now because because that'll crash skype but the thing is like it's it's it's it's one thing to say. Oh well it's two screens for the hinge in the middle and it's easy to imagine uh-huh Great Sob- maybe. They'll be aversion kindle APP and I bet I can have like the be using Microsoft outlook or something and have like a a list of inbox items on the left screen. The my tap on one I can actually zoom actually see the full view of the email and the right screen but the way that the way that you're interacting interacting with it the way that things move from one screen to another really looks like a very practical and very usable device than where it's is really essential because any any one of us is who is a fan of android has been like. Why can't they figure out how to get developers to right? Good full screen APPS that love. Mike I love my chromebook but I thought that before I was before I got my first one. I thought that I mostly be over runs android so I guess I'll be running using it like an IPAD. We'll be running like android based local APPs and maybe some stuff in the browser but the thing is the the interface the full screen interfaces for Android APPS so bad that I do have Microsoft outlook the ANDROID APP on my chromebook. But I always get my mail through the web about because it's so much better so the worry is that if we if Google presents its developer's with here is a wonderful plan for doing like a multi APPs that span multiple screens developers. Will once again say we don't care we just WanNa make phone apps because that's where all the money is raised on a basic level so that one of the things things that these videos really explain and makes you feel good about. Is that even if you have an android APP that hasn't been optimized in any way shape or form the simple ability to have one one APP on on the left hand page are different APP on the right hand page. Each one thinking that's just running on A standard heard like I'll albeit may be weird aspect ratio. Phone that in itself works really well and the way that they've got in the android operating system and its gestures Allowing you to navigate between those two screens and applications running on those two screens is really really good and then you move one step ahead of that where obviously Microsoft has has already updated. The it's Microsoft APPs to that they will work well inside this email me later when you do get to see. A duo. Optimized version of outlook working in a duo version of office APPS working and I can really see myself When I don't when I don't get the the the one row of seats on the commuter train that has the little table if I feel that I can actually get an hour's worth of work done sitting in just like a normal bench seat because it's having this little book open in front of me and being able to actually get product productive worked on it seems like a really good way To leverage to screen separated by a hinge without thinking that you're running two separate android phones that have absolutely nothing to do with each other There's the idea of screened the folds and unfolds against single screen without a hinge. That certainly seems like an attractive sort of idea. But it's GonNa be a while before you can get a flexible screen on any device. Cost less than fifteen nine hundred dollars and it's always going to be extra bulk. It's always going to be extra complicated. And in the end it might not be necessary for to create a brand new form factor so it it really is a good sign that maybe could be actually good. Microsoft gives examples of suggested APP. Layouts it's One is extended canvas meaning treat both of those screens. One screen left sand screen as the master The other one is a detail to page H.. Lay out a dual view many of the same content but you're getting different views of it And companion page. which they're they're They're not locked in stone. As to what these things mean but things like companion page would mean something like you've got if you're editing a photo on the on the right hand page. You've got like all your tools and left hand page or you can have a a movie playing but details about the movie on another On another screen. I if all this is a great amount of potential but hopefully the thing is it will never work unless developers get on board and they can get if they don't. I can't imagine the the rock and roll tour buses full of swag that Google is pulling up in front of Amazon. Saying please please please do a two page duo version of the kindle reader. Because if you if you just allow us to have an APP that allows you to read a book like a left hand page right paying face that will be at least that will these bias enough time to arm wrestle the rest developers doing something name your price we will. We will by the first one hundred seats on your bogus like Mars tourism mission. We swear just. Please get a couple of interns to write a kindle APP that works with our our product. Yeah I was actually just thinking about that like two nights ago because I've been I've been reading a lot of parenting books. You know in preparation for my journey and kiss anybody's wondering I'm currently reading a book called Oxygen Baby. Nothing you talk about raising your baby. In the Berliner way it's called free range parenting. Everybody in unison. Roller is it. But I'm I'm glad I'm glad you clarified that because when there's a book often baby maybe now I hear a lot of jokes and a lot of concerns that I know well. It's because the woman is American and she keeps saying watch out baby but anyway so I've been reading it in every reading. It allows you to get the word on. You know what happened during the forties and right right. Well it's the book is not perfect perfect by the way just to give my little armchair review of it but it does have some interesting things anyway so on this journey I'm like reading. I've been reading a lot of books lately because it's been kind of helping me to get to sleep at night and I am reading it on the TAB. Three which is is a believe. The TAB has three is a nine inch screen. Yeah it's a nine point seven inch screen and I've been reading being in landscape mode because it's easier to carry. It's easier to hold in bed than reading it vertically it and it's really weird doing that and having the page cut in half. It doesn't feel organic so and I'm doing this by the way I exclusively use. Google play books because I don't I don't put my money into Amazon's kindle I'm Google playbook person and and sometimes they use co books and I don't like the two page thing and so when you were talking about the do I was just thinking about how great it would be to be able to just have avid device that that feels attacked. You know has the tactile feel of a book. That's what that's what I really want. I think that would make me more comfortable. My husband likes his kindle paperweight. He likes the the background lighting You know it's really comfortable on. His is very lightweight lightweight piece of hardware. But the way that I use a tablet Gosh I would just love to have something that I just. Kind of clamp clamp opened enclosed. Kind of thing. Like I'm I'm really into that user ability so let's see if Microsoft kin start us out on a journey towards something that that could maybe help bring Andrew tablets back into the fold. It's it's such. I've always thought that that form factor is such a compelling concept that we've had the CIA. I agree we. We've been in a boring Rut of How how useful and efficient complaining about it? But it's for for twenty is the thirty years we've had laptops where here's a screen. Here is a keyboard. Here's a hinge that separates the two of them and it's exciting to see the potential of having a a device that can do so many tasks and mechanically adapt to how you want to function the idea of having a virtual keyboard and an opening at like laptop and having the the flat screen on the on the table surface being like a virtual keyboard the idea of having an open like a book whether you're reading the virtual keyboard though sorry just as not just then but when you wanna read a book it could be like a book reader when you have have like an email reader where it really is. I need to manage the last one hundred eighty items that have hit my inbox. I need to get through them really really quickly or I need to look something up in a browser Window while I'm replying other email and another window or even as simple as having so much of a so much of my week is a Google doc for a radio show or podcast where I've got one window. That's the dock that I'm writing or any other project and another window that's the research beat a PDF whatever And then being able to full that folded a three hundred sixty degrees around itself and just have like a compact tablet for reading comic books and stuff that this is I I i. I recognize that I'm speaking just as well of the windows version of this guy potentially as the android version of this but this is a super compelling form orm factor and I hope that there are a stable developers. I've always wanted something like this and are going to write apps just for themselves that happened to be useful for eighty eighty percent of the people that are out there anywhere. It's nothing that I have. Money earmarked for the duo or the windows version of the duo. But it's I can definitely it's one of those things where I'm sort of aware aware that this could be something where I convinced myself but you should really but instead of getting one on loan for you should buy one for research for extended research for for the hardware library. Andy don't don't think about whether it really really works. Well and yeah and the eight year old kid. That's wants something shiny for freeze birthday talking. And by the way last night I was trying to convince myself that the the pixel slate which is like on super sale right now offer four fifty on Amazon for the quorum. Three I was like I should buy this just like see what it's like to have this and then I realized that I wouldn't really be able to use it the way I want to because I have to pay the extra like basically to three hundred dollars to have the full kit and caboodle. And then I'm like this is. This is as much as laptop. Never mind I'm just going to stick with my old outdated tablet and my chromebook and every other piece of hardware that I have right now and and also babies apparently need diapers and stuff so and and also to healthcare in. America doesn't fully cost or does it fully cover the cost of. I'm having a baby in a hospital and I know the Oliver Overseas listeners. or go up you Americans and go. Yeah you know I have to. I have to back off and maybe apologize for something I said at the top of the show. Maybe the reason why some of those people are like stealing all the napkin dispensers. Dunkin donuts is. They've got some sort of a homebrew duct tape like disposable diaper plan that at..

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