Las Vegas, NRA, FBI discussed on 24 hour News


The broadcast center will drop the fifty seven degrees overnight in the wake of the las vegas massacre many you're calling for stricter restraints on gunnes meanwhile it seems laws already in place hurt used all that much juncker drill average if say would not have prevented the october first laws biggest massacre but some are still asking courts to enforce nevada walls already on the books wires through the nra spent more on us the balance sheet of any congressional race withing a proposal expand background checks including a g zhu's drunken driver could spoke twice his margin won a narrow victory nearly a year later the awards not being enforced because state and federal officials are in a standoff over who does the checks on private guard transfers the fbi says the vat a law can't dictate how federal resources europewide joe ramsey kyw news time four fifty five tonnes of the kyw weekend business report in this case commentary of narrow economic advisers here's you'll narrow the proposals to become amazon second headquarters are in and now we have to wait for the decision but there is a sad lesson in this process in this region there is little or no coordination to grow the economy the greater philadelphia metropolitan area politicians have the opportunity show amazon that it should evaluate us widespread regional advantages but they blew it instead camden that salem delaware county in wilmington as well as philadelphia submitted proposals that these places consider how they would cope with the negative impacts of such massive growth i doubt it but they sent in independent proposals anyway in an there is nothing politicians like more than cutting ribbons it gives the impression they are actually doing something to grow their economy whether or not that be accurate but in this global world cannot simply think local you have to have a regional strategy to compete against both us and foreign locations in the philadelphia region it is still every city for itself and that it has to change the business commentary.

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