North Sea, Greece, President Trump discussed on 27 Hour News


The search is on for up to two hundred and seventy shipping containers lost at sea by a cargo ship caught in a storm the ship that lost the containers. The MSA Zoe arrived in the German port of Bremerhaven early on Thursday. It lost part of its cargo on Wednesday in a storm off the northern coast of the Netherlands in Germany, Germany's central command said three missing containers at most contained a dangerous substance. But none of them has been. Found yet the substance in question is an organic peroxide, a flammable and highly toxic compound German. Authorities said most of the containers located so far, we're in Dutch waters special ships equipped with sonar being used to search in the North Sea for some can contain us Greece's begun to remove dozens of abandoned cargo and passenger ships that lies semi submerged or completely sunken in and near the Gulf of Elefsina. Some of the ships have been there for decades. Greece's public port authority says the sea is littered with fifty two such shipwrecks from the porta pariahs to the island of Amina. But the process of removing them has been difficult. The owners of the ship's vary from individuals to inheritance to companies registered in countries ranging from Greece to the Marshall Islands Britain and Honduras, some have gone bankrupt. And some are no longer traceable abandoned ships can now be appropriated by the state salvage companies then take over the job of breaking up the ships and removing the remains they do that job for. Free in return for being able to sell the metal for scrap the number of female directors in the top two hundred fifty domestic grossing movies last year dipped to eight percent. According to a new study that was down three percentage points from twenty seventeen. According to the annual celluloid ceiling report released by the center for women in television and film at San Diego State university. Twenty eight teams figure was even below the nine percent level achieved twenty years ago in nineteen ninety eight. The study's authors says such radical underrepresentation is unlikely to be remedied by the voluntary efforts of a few individuals or a single studio shutdown impasse. I'm Tim y within AP newsmen, the President Trump met today with congressional leaders about his border wall and the government shutdown after the meeting us asked by reporters, if he said, the partial shutdown could last for months even years, I did is that. Absolutely. I said that I don't think it will. I am prepared. And I think I can speak for Republicans in the house and Republicans in the Senate they feel very strongly about having a safe country. The president also said he AP digital.

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