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And i'd watch it and i'm like i don't find this stuff that funny and i remember the first time i watched make happy. It's like oh. It's interesting. But like i don't find a lot of jokes and then i would think about make happy for years. Then see how the sort of audience relationship stuff has become much more common for people talk about most recently. There's james e cassar special and he talked about how people kept on telling me needs to watch bo burnham. It's like. I can't because i'll and then he would be like. Oh we're doing the same thing. So i had just been thinking about like oh. Like unknowingly became incredibly influential. You don't know that the time that can be really influential thing. And then i spoke to him and he's so good at talking about what he's trying to do and we talked about make happy and sort of the main idea of make happy was going through these panic attacks. He's having all this complicated feelings about his relationship an audience and performance and he sort of stumbled on this thing of wants to criticize performance while also giving people what performance offers and. That's like the thing that always find so interesting and to me. The pinnacle of what these people can do which is satirized the thing but also gave you the thing so it resulted in two things as we go into talking about the special which is one. My expectations of this were insanely high. Because i was planning on my experience of watching this the first time to feel like what it's been like to make happy for four years. Which is now. I realized too hard of thing and the other thing is and i think some people have this relationship to bow which is maybe incredibly skeptical of the emotional parts going into it and i'll start with my sort of first experience of it. Which was i was watching it. I knew catherine and meg were waiting for me to finish it to share my opinions. And i was like i think it's pretty good and she was like that's it. I was like kind of. We have been arguing about this special in like vultures slack. For days there are couple of pieces of it that we keep coming back to that we keep like. I think it needs this. I think it means that. I can't decide how i feel about it. And it's not just jesse like there are lots of people who are really piecing apart a couple of songs in particular. And i think there is totally an argument to be made that like it is a comedy special and it should not be that hard to understand. Roughly what he means. One of the things i like about emission is that i can't think of a great work of art. That is is so clear is okay. I'll only be read almost of great art that it can be interpreted multiple ways over the years. I'm not even sure that. I think this special qualifies but i think it is true that pinning its point of view is a little tricky because in my opinion the point of view the special which is different. From whether it's good or bad has to do with perspective and form in my opinion the special like has these satirical songs about the zeitgeist in the beginning although it has sort of. He's doing this to stave off. He brings up the idea of suicide. The beginning which is probably the part of the special that i'm most ambivalent about but then the song where you're trying to be funny while stuck in a room to me. That's that's a turning point in the special in in some ways his career. And i think that for me that unlocked the meaning for a lot of special because there parts of that song that he repeats in various points in the special both musical parts and lines from that that i think tip is handled it and i think that also tidbits the special from being this sort of special about sort of steer songs being personal. It pivots to his backstory. And you see him watching himself and there's song problematic which is like all his operas and two it's a great satire of the person making apologies. And how they make sort of sexy and order themselves in the style of madonna video or something but it also operates like a backstory. It tells you where he's from what the room was where he was and where he wanted to escape from church on sundays. Start doing comedy. When i was just a shelter i wrote offensive. Shed and please forgive me. I did not be day. Is man two times change getting old. Are you gonna be town bad. Is dan unbanning anybody going over the town and the song stuck in the room. The reasoning attorney point is it's completely serious ernest. It's the first song on this special doesn't try to be funny at all and to me. It's like kids.

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