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Well hopefully that's congrats. Hopefully that's congratulations on your retirement or new job and then see diddy thirty three on the instagram at Ross groves of course wants to hear the famous drop the classic L Z doing this this deep down inside and don't pay. There's nobody else to say down inside because you know when the water comes and flood rises in the clouds are in the sun shines and I'm rounding. I mean Georgia's laugh. Sodano is laughing so fake jot. It makes me sick. Leave Georgie along. What do we have? <hes> we got an update from from <hes> a friend whose birthday we celebrate it all right hold on. We do have an O._J.. Update what's he up to what he's not up to I so yesterday of course was O.. J.'s birthday and he he <hes> he posted a twitter twitter video from the golf course talking about hey twitter. World is Jewish tooling and always hard for me to believe that today I'm celebrating my thirty third annual thirty ninth birthday. I gotTA check arrive. The said every life some rain must fall well. I've had some hurricanes descended my life but you have to it all Skopje relatively healthy and in good spirits and positive that's tough to do today. All the haters on the Internet haters cable T._V.. spouting their negative opinions on just about everything L. V.. You know I liked what <hes> Plato was. It Socrates stop about opinions the fact that the most they could be a possibility. Maybe even probability proper buddy the back saying outlook. I read the note he cannot quote Socrates Plato Yeah I I read it. I saw how the words were spelled. I saw what it was. Stop Travis what in life you can have some rain but I've had a hurricane to send on me is okay just just I'm ask the lack of self awareness. We've already known okay so they're you're. You're getting close to is it. A lack of lack is is it. Just GonNa troll exactly one watching this. It does he know what he's doing so he knows what he's doing. That's why he's talking about. People on the Internet and haters in you you know what you're doing is awareness because as soon as he got free he doesn't care and back to Brentwood and try to join a golf club Sir. My name is not because he doesn't cheer he does his mentally. He just doesn't care what people think. That's why again you would have found the planet somewhere for way brew in when the Molin Ritchie were acquitted go done gone away would have been on like Ethiopia something gone. I think most people would felt. He can't wait for O._J.'s next tweet. We'll bring it to you all right the N._B._A.. Is Board of Governors. Can we get that sponsor approved a few changes to the rules. The N._B._A.. Is going to add coach's challenge that baseball has it N._F._l.. Has it the hockey even has is it. The coaches can challenge they do. I mean it just. It seems like the N._B._A.. Was the last the N._B._A.. Has Replay touched at last you know all Mino- challenge. Did you get it out of your hand off there. There's replay but there was no coach can say stop only look at that again. Let's change it and I get that the intent is good..

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