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Forthcoming documentary bobby kennedy for president of course jfk and rfk remain of course the family load stars but an i ninety sixty nine teddy was the next in line and a lot of public sympathy at the time his brother robert of assassinated while campaigning for president year before president john f kennedy had been assassinated nine hundred sixty three teddy himself barely survived a plane crash ninety sixty four dragged to safety by senator birch by hospitalized for five months it was assumed within the family and outside the family teddy was going to run for president nineteen seventytwo he had three small children and the july weekend he went partying and chappaquiddick massachusetts a pregnant wife at home confined to bedrest teddy kennedy in the movie is portrayed by australian actor jason clark the young senators avinoam self pitying coward thoughtless and remorseless ambition his only care he treats loyalists and groupies with equal content and as a weekend begins he toasts them all for wanting to prove yourselves worthy of the kennedy name i can't wait to see this movie tonight i can't wait to see his movie tonight it's clear the filmmakers are in on the joke we next see teddy kennedy leaving the party with young mary jo kopechne spoiler alert who had worked for bobby kennedy was still mourning the death abbadi bobby kennedy the film depicts ted is drinking and driving before his black holes mobile eighty eight flies off a small wooden bridge and into a pond crash landing upside down.

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