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Like you know he gets a lifetime achievement award and he spends the whole time instead of thanking the people that helped are talking about how she became the sugarcane maybe giving a few great stories about some of the great roles she's done offering some advice to open coming actor instead of any of that he spend the whole time bashing people who voted differently than her yeah and also not only that telling up ball story about him about trump supposedly mimicking handicapped reporter which is not what he was doing and that's the news that's been talk about over and over and over bonds is just a bit and then debunked some so the you know more times that we can imagine it's been devonta more times a merle st someone oscar yeah but but but of course but that doesn't change anything i mean it will be there was a lot of talk last night on social media and this morning on cable news about hollywood being in a bubble a you know they all talk to each other they also share the same stories the same information in the same truths so it's first is concerned it is true that donald trump did that yeah i mean they they are they may limit him think world so the thank yous is just go for them as a real needs you are so used to imagining different realities and then the hating realistically within those and that didn't reality is that they think that applies to the real world it's you know there's this moment though that was captured on on camera and and then bad also got tweeted this picture of vince von and mel gibson mel gibson as identified himself as well i guess pretty conservative certainly on social issues a different deeply religious man invents bought i would say is a little bit more liver terry in that anything else but their their basically not tricking the same kool aid that merrill strip and most of the people in that room for drinking and the looks.

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