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Yep contract you who we know what happens suck it up what happened the quarterback to get in the last year they contract to get kirk cousins money kurkova they wouldn't know playoff game league mvp yeah so you gotta pay fifteen twenty percent on top so you go hand one hundred fifty million dollars let met rag into the end of this deal and see what you have to pay him that eighty four million you have the advice probably about twenty million on top of that that again one hundred hundred plus million guaranteed in the first three years and as you mentioned they got greg jarrett they gotta take care of they gotta take jake matthews you don't i mean says having all this money if you ain't got no guards to protect it jake matthews protecting the money which is matt ryan i'll get it i hopefully this is nothing because this is voluntary says volunteer and he did to lead it skip we showed earlier where he was in the stola lebron's a barbershop but was stolen is getting and he was talking about that social media guys let social media defied he's going to erase mind because it doesn't find me it's not why so maybe that's it but come june it is a mandatory he's your money because he look at how could this guy they'll get more to me i mean that's all jarvis jarvis landry make more than i do but this high works gift when he got his money he was the second highest pay behind calvin johnson that's how it worked kirk cousins the highest paid the next quarterback will be the highest paid air.

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