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Wingers into an 8. I think this is why her guy like Tim wea is so important that he gets back to health and back to form for the U.S. men's national team because he is a difference maker out wide. And if you have a Tim wea, then it allows you to whether it's a Brendan aaronson, true or a geo Renault or I don't know. Would you even maybe put Christian Pulisic into that conversation? You've got guys out wide who you can move centrally if indeed you don't have a Weston McKinney. I will pull back the curtain here 'cause I want people to know that your first choice was actually Kellen Acosta, right? Before you change to Brendan aronson, you've obviously been speaking out loud choice. Right. You've obviously pointed out why you would go with aaronson over Acosta. What was it about Acosta's game that made you pick him first? Because he was actually the first person that I thought of as the closest thing to a like for like. 'cause I went closest thing to a like for like, but then I realized there is no like for like for Weston McKinney and everything that he could provide for you and Kellen Acosta's a very good insurance policy. He is. And he's a very good player to plug in there if you need to close out a game, or if you want to have more of a defensive posture and there is no better player at Brown and mossy housing in all of Concacaf than Kellen Acosta so I am therefore these games that he does are deploys, but you need something else at the World Cup level. You can't just be all defendant absorb. You need to have a player with creativity. And you have a player that has a good work but you need to have somebody that can produce something sometimes out of nothing because that will be the difference in these games when it's so tightly contested. That's a Brennan aaronson for me. He just seems to be one of those guys that the U.S. Jersey comes on and there seems to be a little cape flowing behind him. He comes up for these big moments. All right, David Harris in the YouTube chat says at this rate, hurt might get the call up to go to Qatar with all of the injuries. No doubt about that. The injuries certainly starting to pile up or at least this weekend it really felt like they did for the U.S. men's national team. I've seen you run around. I know you still got it in you. All right, let's focus elsewhere in the Premier League,

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