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Here's Steve, Steve, good morning. Everyone at sixty eight degrees this morning, perhaps on our way to seventy five away from the lakefront, a big increase in property taxes coming for people who live on your car goes north side. And in the city central area WGN's Roger, banished reports the areas being reassessed this year estimates released Thursday by the Cook County treasurer's office. The average increase for single family home will be around eleven percent commercial property owners in those areas. We'll see increases around eleven thousand six hundred dollars if they have an estimated market value around two point seven million dollars rancher, vanish WGN, this family of a teenager shot and killed by Chicago police officer earlier this year has filed. A federal lawsuit against the city and the officer, the lawsuit claims seventeen year old Michael junior was unarmed when he was shot on the night of February. Sixteenth, twenty Jeffrey nestling says Elam was headed to a restaurant with his girlfriend in two others. When police pulled him over for speeding and driving without lights. Police say even was Sean after an armed confrontation alderman, Carrie Austin canceled, her ward, winning a meeting last night after the feds rated her thirty fourth ward office earlier in the week friends, and workers are coming to her defense. Please do not rush suggest the Kerry Austin that I know is a person of great integrity and upgrade character beauty, not know what this is about five love supporter. I know that the federal government has a job to do, and they're doing their investigation, but I know times like this seems where everybody to band. And I'm not here to judge what's happening. I don't know what's going on offense, walk down for office with five boxes labeled evidence, along with some computers. She's not been charged or used of wrongdoing. The rate is believed to be connected to the same investigation that led to a federal indictment of longtime alderman, Edberg President Trump says the US was cocked and loaded to retaliate against Iran for downing American drone, but cancelled the strike ten minutes before they were to be carried out after being told some one hundred fifty people would die Trump tree tweeted this morning that the US was ready to retaliate last night on three different sites when he asked, how many people would die, he said, a general told him one hundred fifty people, and he canceled the strikes as not proportionate proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone at least two explosions, and a fire have rocked a refinery in southwest Philadelphia residents as far away, as south jersey felt the blast which occurred at about three o'clock this morning. There have been no reports of any injuries at this time. But a shelter in place. Order. Has been issued firefighters are still throwing water on that fire is contained but it is still burning and that with neighborhood news. Here's Pam Jones cowboy boots ready country music artists are invading the lakefront, this weekend for lake shake at northerly island verandah, Lambert, Keith urban and Luke Bryan are among those performing throughout the week at Fridays, lineup features almost exclusively women in country, doors, open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at two close at eleven I'm Pam Jones with neighborhood news sponsored by wintrust Chicago's community banks. Let's get an update now on WGN sports. Here's Mark carbon these sports report. Sponsored by northwestern football, Chicago's big ten team. Nobody thought that the bulls were going to be able to get Kobe white at number seven, and nobody ever thought that Koby white was going to be a lottery pick talked to Kobe before the draft. And he yes has been talking about proving people wrong entire life. This is what it means my whole life. I've had people. Tell me what I can't and do. So you my whole told me brought up that I wouldn't be, you know, where I'm day I've been, you know, high school. People told me, I wouldn't be I mean, down American people don't want to be a five hundred coupe. Nah. I, I did that school. I mean, college people, tell me and I wouldn't come in and make and, you know, carnage just the coach and they run not proven wrong with that. I am in started. And I was a big impact on the team. We were told me off the most not your guy. No Carolina while I'm here. Now, number one. I'm gonna talk to drafting a highly motivated Kobe. The all time leading scorer as a freshman at North Carolina. Second round bull six six eleven Arkansas. Big men, Daniel Gifford. That was number thirty eight overall cubs winner at Wrigley and making his debut. Advert Salei pitching incredibly well, for innings of work as comes the first pitcher to earn a win and his big league debut since Ryan O'Malley back in two thousand and six. White Sox in action tonight on the road at Texas. They were off yesterday. Sports report is sponsored again by north western football Domus out on college football at Ryan field, this fall coach fits in the big ten champion while hostal state..

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