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Okay there you have it you'll never get rid of all the alcohol but there will be much left if you do a nice slow similar in a wide scale thank you kenji earned things are you know most of us think of food science is the art of perfecting recipes using science to optimize flavour texture yet the idea of perfection of cooking israeli at odds of the art of cooking a painting is not a perfect representation of reality for very good reason it's the personal interpretation that really counts science does help us build better technique but the creative arts gives us the inspiration to use that technique to good effect so art and science really do go handinhand does it this week for mostly radio you've listened to a podcast on apple podcast public radio or wherever you get your podcasts remember to subscribe to the show you automatically get every single show download it to your phone each week if you wanna learn more about millstreet had to one seven seven millstreet dot com there you can download each weeks recipe subscribed to her magazine and watch our first season built street television or or to the milk street cookbook we'll be back next week thanks for listening christopher kimble's milk street radio is produced by melt street in association with wgbf executive producer melissa balti producer trust and chimney associate producer carly how mattat production assistant jacking no senior audio engineers douglas shook senior audio editor melissa allison with help from vicky merrick in sydney lewis audio mixing by j allison had atlantic public media production help debbie padding see music paying tan by two bob crew additional music by george brandel act.

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