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Co you must be nineteen and remember stay cool and always play responsibly so we literally can talk about whatever we want and lock. The nfl is big right now. I lost her survival pool a couple of weeks ago. Pick tennessee Wasn't such a good pick. So now i have limited interest in the the Survivor pools. But i am dialing in more to the super bowl odds. I don't think anybody is shocked by the tampa. Bay buccaneers plus five hundred. The buffalo bills buffalo was a little shaky early on in the regular season. Those really good aren't they. They look to be really good. We'll see anyone in that group that catches your eye like the green bay packers and plus eleven hundred. I feel like marley. Green bay should be a little bit better odds than little higher. I think they're a better team. Anyone catch your eye well. I didn't know the rams were as good as they are. And so. so there's there that's who i'm going to say you know like arizona's off to this amazing start but i don't know i just like the rams i i think there's a better chance detroit doesn't win a game. How long have they saw long time. Like the lions terrible since forever. Yeah usually get hammered. Every time he admitted your browns fan right. And now i mean it's it's fashionable be browns fan. I i like the look. I'm a bit surprised the kansas city. She's not a bit a lot surprised ebbing. They struggled pretty early in the regular season. I thought they'd find their way and they just don't seem to be finding their way. But have you seen the odds speaking of the detroit. Lions to go winless who the regular season like. Do you think there's a chance they go. Winless of there is a chance. But how good of a chance do you think you gotta think they're gonna win somewhere. No right yeah. I think so but the odds right now according to kubeck dot. Co and and you can put money on this. They will go winless plus nine hundred minus three three three three that they do not go. When in the case of drags my one of my favorite movies boulder. Yeah and you remember the scene where the manager gets them in the shower. And he's yelling adam and he turns around to his coach and he says coach losses. How many losses. We got goes. We got a lot of losses. Say so that's what i think of what i think of the lions masses. Well you can check it all out online.

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